You lucky bastards!

Congratulations are due to long time Blurred Productions staff members/supporters Psycholarry, Mulligan, Tito and Pat C (co-president of Gimptoria) on escaping undergraduate life as full, honestly to goodness university graduates. You have my envy and condolences.

I sincerely wish you all the best of luck in whatever you decided to do, my friends.

Again, congratulations!


6 Comments on “You lucky bastards!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    I don’t know that luck had anything to do with it, but thanks.

  2. Mr. White says:

    I feel like that fat kid who got picked last for kick ball.

  3. well, i thought you graduated this december.

  4. Mr. White says:


  5. My apologies! Congratulations, Colin.

  6. Mr. White says:

    Thank you, now my life is complete.

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