I have bad news but…

…Countdown (#51) is a bad comic. I have to be brief because time is not my ally on this one, but I wanted to say something about the weekly book that we are doomed to discuss for the rest of the year. This book’s lack of quality begins with the cover, which is just ugly and rushed (example: what’s up with Big Barda?). It’s just bad art.

See last week, I read this comic called Teen Something-or-other and in it The Joker’s Daughter was sort of a hero (kinda). But here she’s dropping pop-stars to their deaths. Not sure what happened there. I guess since she’s from an alternate earth now or something.

And when the hell was Jason Todd a hero?

Plus, you know, what exactly happened to not abusing the new (everything old is new again) ‘multiverse’ concept? I would consider straight away building your next major crossover book around the concept abusing it. But I’m just fucked up like that.

Billy Bastion just ditched his sister in the hospital with no so much as a get-well card? That, my friends, is fucked up.  I long ago tired of bitching about the cluster-fuck that is the Shazam! property in the mainstream DC universe, so I’ll leave it at that.

Okay, well, maybe I’ll add that, I’d put money on Mary Marvel becoming some grossly sexualized DC version of Penance by the end of this. I mean that in all seriousness. I expect this “hero’s journey” will  mostly just involved heaping (sexualized?) abuse on this character for the next 51 weeks. Doubters, I will see you here in a year for you all to pay up. I accept traveler’s checks and Visa.

This issue is filled with so, so, so many overwrought and horrible puns (and pseduo that at one point it was painful for me to read the dialouge. “I’m in the wind”? ACK.

Being that we are all going to have to live with this book for next year, this was certainly a horrid way to start.


3 Comments on “I have bad news but…”

  1. psycholarry says:

    Why not spend your time talking about something good instead? Like Immortal Iron Fist!

  2. The Kaiser says:

    Jason Todd plays a particularly large role in this installment, and it’ll be interesting to see how Dini – a writer responsible for revitalizing more than his fair share of weak characters – plans to revamp such a poorly received (and poorly handled) character. Todd’s semi-heroic personality in this issue is a bit confusing considering his recent villainous appearances in Green Arrow and the Outsiders, but if anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt when handling a goofy and inconsistent property, it’s Dini – one of the architects and main voices behind DC’s superb animated universe. Still, he and his rotating team of writers have their work cut out for them for the shit Winnick did. Todd will try to attempt to find his true purpose and calling in the pages of Countdown, and we can only hope Dini and company succeed in making this character less irritating and actually appealing. I wish Mr. Michaels would take a deep breath and realize this is to be taken in the larger scope of things. This is the stone to a larger building. I expect Countdown to define this new Multiverse in an efficient and entertaining manner, giving new meaning to the term “world building.” It will be the Monitors mucking things up with Booster trying to save everything. Patience. A Great Disaster is coming – and I intend to witness it first hand.

  3. honestly, say what you will but i 100% stand my prediction about mary marvel.

    and yes, a great disaster is coming (and you will witness it first hand)… the disaster of the counter-reaction to this constant event money grab by DC/Marvel

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