Spider-Man 3… does all that a spider can?

Below are some thoughts on Spider-Man 3, which I saw last night at midnight.

  • First things first, I enjoyed this movie. I’d rank it as better then the first and worse then the second, if such a ranking matters to you.
  • The action sequences were utterly spectacular. The filmmakers did a better job at evoking how I feel Spider-Man should move and fight than the comic book creators have done for much of my life.
  • The romantic/character development scene between Peter and MJ worked for about the first half of the movie (until just about after the failed proposal scene).
  • The romantic/character development scenes between Peter and MJ failed horribly for the second half of the movie (especially the bridge scene… AWFUL!)
  • The design for Venom actually was well realized.
  • There is too much for this movie to do and say, and the plot and characterization suffers for it.
  • The implications of the bar scene bothered me a bit… okay, a whole lot.
  • My central problem with the movie was the handling of MJ’s character. She remained (as she was in the previous films) someone to get capture and abused(!). For the first half of the film it seemed that they were going to flesh her out a bit, but no, she just ended up in the same place she always had… hanging for something or other and in mortal danger. Disappointing.
  • I think it was a mistake to redeem Harry but I understand the need for the dramatic moment of him dying like his father but as a better man.
  • Sandman’s back story didn’t click for me.
  • All of the Daily Bugle and JJJ scenes were great, just wonderful.

That’s all for now. More later, perhaps.

6 Comments on “Spider-Man 3… does all that a spider can?”

  1. psycholarry says:

    So worth $250 million?

  2. titocf says:

    I just saw it myself, so I’d like to add a few random comments:

    -Oddly enough, this movie was simultaneously cheesier AND darker than the previous two.
    -Why was Harry as Goblin essentially a hoverboard ninja?
    -I actually really enjoyed Sandman, as a stand-alone character (especially from a special effects stand-point), though I thought at the end of the day, his character wasn’t really needed.
    -The editing was the one thing I noticed as being atrocious. A cut from Peter talking to Aunt May right to Sandman punching Venom in the chest? Who thought that up?
    -Ultimately, I agree with everything you said: better than I, not as good as II.

  3. subcorpus says:

    spiderman 3 rocked …
    i liked it …

  4. absolutely worth 250 million, especially since they jammed as much as they could into one movie.

    but, of course, you hated the previous two films so there’s absolutely no chance you’ll like this one.

  5. The Kaiser says:

    At least this one didn’t have Spidey-Jesus like in the 2nd film.

  6. titocf says:

    No, but it did have Spider-Iwo-Jima with his photogenic pose in front of the American flag before springing into action.

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