So…It’s finally over. After an entire year…it’s finally over. The secrets of 52 revealed for our world to finally see.

I feel DC’s experiment paid really well. Doc Magnus, Egg Fu, Booster, Animal Man and numerous other c-list characters are actually fun, interesting, and intriguing. These characters are relevant to the DC Universe and it’s exciting to see the possibility of what can be done with them.

That said, the issue did leave me with a headache with all the time travel paradoxes and meta textual  explanations. In the end though we have the Multiverse. 52 unique worlds if you hadn’t guessed. 52 possibilities. From Earth-3 to Kingdom Come to other limitless worlds. I feel this could be a good thing…and a bad thing. Time traveling and multiple earths and having Booster in charge of this will be a fun read. I’m afraid DC is going to muck it up for silver age fan boy crap though. The multiverse can exist and still tell great stories…ELSEWORLDS? All in all 52 was a great read and really creates a great engine for COUNTDOWN.

Till next time…


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