…I’d like to test that theory

Now that Positive Things To Say About Comics month is over, I’m thinking of shifting the way I review things again. Instead of just reviewing just about everything I read for a week I’m just going to review only the books I have strong opinions (or something really snarky to say) about. So, not every good book is going to be reviewed here, no every bad book. Just a select few books that really got me worked up, for good or ill.

Will this be a more satisfying review system? Well… let’s see!

This week’s 52 (#48) could be the comic book equivalent of the cure for cancer and I would still feel it was  a piece of utter shit. Yes, the switch between Vic Sage to Montoya presses my fanboy hate buttons that badly. Plus Robertson’s art was muddled and almost unreadable in some places and very muddled in most others. Hopefully we’re mostly done with Motoya-as-Question so my blood pressure can go down.

It only feels like yesterday that the last issue of BUFFY: SEASON EIGHT came out and now we’ve got this new one (#2)… it’s very nice to have an on-time Whedon book. It’s clear that Whedon has taken “slow reintroduction” as his plot for this first arc, which isn’t a bad thing but really isn’t much a plot. Though it was nice to see Giles again and Andrew (I think, Jeanty still needs some work on his likenesses). Whedon is clearly having fun with this book, and so am I. The tone very much fits what a unlimited budget season of Buffy would be. Oh and… WILLOW!

This is a Whedon heavy week, what with him taking over RUNAWAYS (#25) with this issue. And his first outing is a valiant effort… but doesn’t quite work. Something is missing, besides just Vaughan. The characters and their relationships (weren’t Nico and Victor an item as of last issue?) and the plot doesn’t fit well with last issue’s (didn’t the kids get arrested by Tony Stark?). And I’m not even going to wonder how this fits with Brubakers’ Daredevil, what with the Kingpin being active and all (Oh wait, I just did wonder about it). But there is still much good here. Whedon seems bent on examining the Nico-Karolina-Xavin dynamic which very interesting. Plus his voice for Molly and Chase is spot on. The plot is easily the weakest link though, I mean the Punisher? Tsk. Tsk. Michael Ryan’s art is just stunning, I hope he sticks around when Whedon jumps ship.

AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE (#1) is very predictable. Of course the nice pseudo-Captain America kid dies.  Of course there’s a government conspiracy. Of course The Initiative is employing an evil scientist. That does not make this a bad comic, instead it’s just the ground it’s covering is so well trended that you can see every twist coming one million miles away. Hence the predictiability. Where this book gets credit is being mostly faithful to the preexiting characters it uses. This is high praise for any book that has anything to do with Civil War.

Briefly, in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA (#7) Brad Meltzer attempts to have his cake and eat it too, and manages to bore the fuck out of me while doing it.
That’s all for this week. Was it good for you too?


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