Say you want a Revolution

So we’ve got a fantastic situation in the Ukraine right now.

In case you don’t feel like reading, the current president was elected after massive street protests overturned a sham election result. The winner of the sham election regained a power base as the Prime Minister and recently called for new elections in late May. The president decided to take his ball and go home instead of facing new elections by Dissolving Parliament. The parliament is not so happy about this, and both sides are accusing each other of subverting power.

My study of Russian and Eastern European history has led me to the conclusion that the whole area is the most depressing place to live outside of Africa. It’s just one cluster-fuck after another, and this is no different. Russian President Putin loves this turmoil I’m sure because it allows him to come in and gain power. He tried this last year by shutting off oil pipelines to the reason to force them to agree to extremely unfair trade contracts. Without those pipelines running Europe is essentially cut off from a steady oil supply, so Putin can essentially leverage Europe against any of the Eastern European countries he feels are part of his Russian sphere of influence.

Essentially what we are looking at is a slow return to dictatorship of the region by thug Russian politicians, and no one in the West seems particularly concerned about what this could mean. Africa is certainly the region that needs our focus the most, based on the genocides and famines and epidemics, but people really need to start worrying about a return to a strongly Anti-American Russia with puppet satellites and a lot of nuclear weapons.


3 Comments on “Say you want a Revolution”

  1. I am continually amazed at the focus of the media for not picking up these stories. The newspapers hit on them occasionally, and of courcse the internet, but it is time more people hear about these types of world issues. Thank you for pointing them out.

  2. psycholarry says:

    What’s great is in less then 2 hours that headline has disappeared off the front of the NY Times website. It’s been replaced with stories on campaign fund raising and some business deal in Chicago.

  3. american media cares little about the situation in russia for generally two reasons:
    1.) our conflicts with russia are no longer ‘ideological’, “capitalist” v. “communist, or “terrorist” v. “free”. thus the conflicts don’t fit into the neat ideological frameworks that the mass media needs.
    2.) the political situation in russia goes against the pre-established media narrative about russia, left over from the 90s, that russia is on the road to democratization, putin be damned. of course in the 90s, the narrative wasn’t true either.

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