Alright guys, I’ve just picked up the leaked first issue of Frank Miller’s Batman vs. Al Qaeda.  Get ready for the shocking catalyst to Batman’s mission.

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This is an excellent piece I found today. Great, great stuff.

Speak of the devil…

New Question of the Moment. Riddle me this Batman:

Exploitive or not?

(From Newsarama’s DC Previews for July)

Gone but not forgotten

Things are crazy here at Blurred Productions Central so new content will be infrequent for the rest of the month. Apologies but I am trying to prevent myself from drowning under the weight of shit I have to do and something had to give.

I will try to put things up here ASAP (especially if this week’s 52 is as stupid as I feel, in my blackened heart, it will be).  Plus, I’m sure I can find something snarky to say about Previews.

That said, regular service will return shortly.

Burning Pains

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Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

New Spoon album on July 10, 2007


Don’t Make Me a Target
The Ghost of You Lingers
You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
Don’t You Evah
Rhthm and Soul
Eddie’s Ragga
The Underdog
My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
Finer Feelings
Black Like Me

In case you missed it… (March 2007)

The best of the best from last month: