Hey, Batman! You want, I’ll do you a freebie!

Positive Things To Say About Comics Month concludes. This was a good week to go out on, since there are several books that I really enjoyed this week.

Morrison’s BATMAN (#644) continues to be disjointed. The first half of this book is brilliant, Bruce Wayne as a cooler version of Roger Moore’s James Bond. The second half, particularly the end, loses me. I mean, Bat-Bane… huh? And Morrison trying to out Frank Miller in Frank Miller style narration (I’m opening a can so full of worms you could bury you dead in there and they’d be bones by morning) is weird. So, while I’m still on board for awhile I’m not entirely sure where Morrison is going with his run on this book.

There is only two words to describe FABLES (#59): too cute.

The ‘Ultimate Marvel Knights’ story-arc continues to steam along. The quirks of Bendis’ writing really work of this book, the omnipresent dialogue; the near complete focus on character work over action and (often enough) plot; the nepotist use of characters; playing fast and loose with established character histories; the streaming, nigh-constant narration; all of these writing tics can grate heavily on me (see: New & Mighty Avengers) but in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (#107) they work brilliantly. The scenes between MJ and Peter, Peter and Kitty, and when Kitty enters Mid-town high school all are just amazing character work and fit this book very well. As long as Bendis continues to bring his A game to Ultimate Spidey, I’m in. On and collectors note: with this issue Bendis has work one of his new 616 pet characters into the Ultimate Universe! Surely, that makes this issue a collector’s item above all else!

Jodi Picoult’s first issue of WONDER WOMAN (#6) is very well due. With a bit of a tweak or two this could have easily been story that launched this book, and we would have avoided the mess by that guy who writes for Grey’s Anatomy. The writing is very solid for a first timer, I especially enjoyed the scene were Diana saves the college student who wrote the feminist Wonder Woman essay. Too cute. We’ll see where this goes.

Honestly I have run out of praise for DAREDEVIL (#95). Come back next month and maybe I’ll think up new great things to say about this book.

And that’s all for Positive Things To Say About Comics Month. It was a refreshing change of pace for awhile. Well, back to shit talking next week!

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