Hey, is she supposed to be… uh… leaking like that?

Positive Things To Say About Comics Month continues. I continue to be saddened by the smallness of my pull of good comics versus the large splattering of new comics on the new release rack.

On to it, then. And remember, positive!

Hey look kids, if you turn this month’s BIRDS OF PREY (#104) upside down it still looks right! The things they think of these days! Anywho, this is a very solid team up/spy thriller sort of issue. Soctt’s art and Simone’s character work are top-notch but I’m not too sure what to make of the out of left field ‘surprise ending’. I’m beginning to tire of these out of the fucking blue twist endings that every book these days seems to want to mass produce. Still, a good issue.

This is an impressively old school HELLBLAZER (#230) issue from new writter Andy Diggle. His version of Constantine sounds just a right, a good mix of Mike Carey’s characterization and Warren Ellis’. And look: this is going to be a two-part opening arc! That’s a bigger twist then the events in this comic! Which, says more about the state of comics writing more so then about the quality of this book. Well, I’m excited to see where Diggle is going to be taking Constantine and hopefully he’ll be on the book longer then 12 issues. I prefer longer runs on books like Hellblazer. The best Hellblazer stories, to me, have been built on long steady climbs of characterization and plot.

SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE (#16) get it’s new artist, David Hahn. Hahn’s art fits this book like a tight glove (or some other metaphor for really fucking well). It’s expressive and matchs McKeever’s tone perfecting. A great addition to this title. Sadly, though McKeever is gone in a few months.*sigh* Off to write some book about numbers, I think.

That’s all for it this week. For positiveness next week!

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