Coopting Question of the Moment

So I just came across this plot synopsis for Ms. Marvel:

Ms. Marvel joins the Avengers shortly before her solo series folded, but several months later is sidelined due to a surprise pregnancy. As shown in Avengers #200, her pregnancy progresses at an abnormal speed, and she gives birth to a son within weeks. Her son, Marcus, quickly grows to adulthood and reveals that he is from Limbo, a dimension outside of time and that he has fallen in love with Danvers. The story reveals that Marcus kidnapped Danvers during a previous mission and used mind-control devices to force her to fall in love with him. He seduced and impregnated her, transferred his essence into her womb, becoming his own son. After he makes this revelation to Danvers and the Avengers, she agrees to be his partner, and leaves the team to be with him.

My question of the Moment: What the balls?


One Comment on “Coopting Question of the Moment”

  1. hey, it was the 80s. crazy shit happened in the 80s!

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