Steel yourselves for a very long stay in a very small prison

Positive Things To Say About Comics Month continues. A few more books made the quality cut this week. Still, when I look at the number of books on the new comics rack and then at my small pile of quality books…

Remember, positive.

FABLES (#58), like last month, this issue shows that Mike Allred can draw up a storm. His art here is fantastic, again, making me wish he would produce more art, more often. Willingham’s story is  a solid and enjoyable tale of Bigby and his family (though Snow gets pushed to the side). We’ll see where the threads set up this issue take us.

I’m not sure if I’m the most objective person to review BUFFY: THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON EIGHT (#1) being that Buffy is one of my favorite shows of all time (if not my complete favourite). My love for the Buffy-verse runs very, very deep, so deep that Buffy’s Sixth Season could not completely derail it. Anyway, I will pronounce this whole  ‘Season Eight’ experiment, after reading this issue, a “so far so good”. Whedon’s plot is solid and flows from where the characters ended up after the show ended (Whedon even includes a nice little jokey retcon of a brief event in a late Angel episode). Unsurprisingly, the hold-overs from the show (in this issue only Buffy, Xander, and Dawn with more to come) feel and speak like their television counterparts. The new status quo is interesting, though, I’m not sure how long it’ll survive. George Jeanty’s art is nice, though his likenesses of the classic Buffy characters (especially the titular heroine) could use some work. Thus, for now, I’ll give this book a very strong thumbs up and I look greatly forward to where Whedon and crew will take us

The ends justifying the means in TEEN TITANS (#44) continues. I’m not really enjoying Johns’ predictable swan song to this book BUT I am one of those fanboys who will allow anything or choke down any stupid plot device to have Cassandra Cain back. Time to move on. (Remember, positive)

I really like Norman Osborn in THUNDERBOLTS (#112), cast as the typical Warren Ellis character but with a Spider-Man obsession. This book feels much too easy and a bit like Ellis is phoning it in but remains enjoyable. We’ll see where it goes.

Until next week, keep things positive my friends!

One Comment on “Steel yourselves for a very long stay in a very small prison”

  1. psycholarry says:

    What’s your take on Civil War: the Confession?

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