Beats the Hell Out Of Dakota Fanning

My school has gone Gaiman crazy. First my seminar professor suggests that I write a paper on Sandman and Shakespeare (though I only own the Midsummer Night’s Dream story, I’d need to get my hands on the Tempest). Then I hear that there’s a group of people in the English and Theatre departments trying hard to get him to visit the school and give a guest lecture. Now they’re turning Coraline into a stage performance. Apparently this isn’t news to everyone else on campus, but I just found this out. I guess as soon as I moved off-campus. I got completely out of touch.


5 Comments on “Beats the Hell Out Of Dakota Fanning”

  1. otto says:

    Ah, yes. Dakota only gets paid millions of dollars for her voice over work, so of course some third rate school production is going to “beat the hell” out of her. Then again, you haven’t even seen her version of Coraline.


  2. psycholarry says:

    The backstreet boys got paid millions of dollars for their music, I don’t know that that makes them musical geniuses.

  3. titocf says:

    Yikes. I was just thinking of a snazzy title. I had no idea I was going to be attacked by angry Dakota Fanning zealots.

  4. if you’re looking for the final sandman/shakespeare story, it’s in the last tpb, ‘The Wake’. it’s the last story in the book.

    shakespeare first shows up in the second tpb, ‘The Dolls’ House’, i think.

  5. i didn’t even know they existed!

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