More death!

I’m out of it today, so there won’t be much from me. So instead read this great piece on death in comics from Comics Should Be Good’s Greg Hatcher.


5 Comments on “More death!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    There is one thing that I would point out, though I agree with his points: He references Sandman and Starman as the stories that readers flock to. These are both incredible runs, but the are runs that had a plotted run (ie. 80 issues or some such number). It isn’t feasible for a comic publishing company to base their revenue on a bunch of books that are going to end. Like it or not, they need potentially infinite books like Spider-man or Batman more then they need finite books like 100 Bullets or Seaguy.

  2. I felt his point was more that character death only really works in stories like Starman and Sandman, when important/central character deaths truly grew organically out of the story. Not about how those books should be Marvel/DC’s central money makers.

    Though, you are wrong, Sandman continues to make DC/Vertigo a lot of money. The tpbs sell very well for a comic that is over a decade old at this point.

  3. psycholarry says:

    They make money, but it’s not the reliable money that a monthly book makes. It’s the same as DVD sales, at some point everyone will have the movie that wants it, and your residuals will run out.

  4. Mr. White says:

    Isn’t this similar to when the main character of Geeks got killed off and then we brought back?

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