You’re not the only one with secrets, pal

Positive Things To Say About Comics Month continues. It’s not quite as easy to be positive this week, what with all the comics related craziness/crappiness out this week (eg. if you want a practical example of comics as pornography, check out Frank Cho’s last page of Mighty Avengers #1). But, try as they might, Marvel and DC will not get me to break my promise.

The best book of the week is easily ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (#104). Despite the  bad taste much of his work leaves me with these days, I can always turn to Ultimate Spidey to see why I consider Bendis to be a quality writer. He, in collaboration with Mark Bagley seldom have let me down. The new post-Clone status quo looks interesting with the FF playing a fun supporting role, Aunt May now know about Peter, the Bugle looks like it’s returning to a key role, and there’s this new, very interesting Daredevil plot. What’ especially nice is the ending, where Bendis shows us just how to properly use continuity. If you’ve read Ultimate X-Men you get the context for the scene but it works on it’s own. All around a great issue.

MANHUNTER (#29) is a very solid book. It feels odd that is plot is built around Infinite Crisis (which feels like a lifetime ago). But despite it’s dated (and kind of lame)  trappings the strength of Andreyko’s characterization really shines through. Along with that Pina’s art is just spectacular. I’m glad as all hell that this book was saved, again.

PHONOGRAM (#5 of 6) makes much more sense to me then the last issue. This mini-series of music elitism and music-as-magic is extremely well-executed, even if it often goes over my head (which is not difficult). I look forward to the ending next month and more from Gillen and McKelvie in the future.

Just three books this week; a pathetic number of reviews, I know. But that goes to show just how much shit was published this week. Come back next week for more positive reviews!


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