History repeating itself…

An obvious, but important (?) new Question of the Moment…

Is the Death of Captain America the new Death of Superman?


2 Comments on “History repeating itself…”

  1. psycholarry says:

    God, I’m out of touch for a week and this happens. No way he stays dead. My only consolation is that Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies #2 is going to have zombie howard the duck!

  2. titocf says:

    If this was D.C., someone else might take up the mantle and replace Steve Rogers. Captain America is certainly iconic, but Steve Rogers isn’t. Not in the same way alter egos like Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, or Peter Parker are. From a writer’s perspective, you could actually kill Steve Rogers for good (or at least, for a good while in comic terms) and get away with it, if this was D.C.

    But it isn’t. It’s Marvel. It’s gonna be some bullshit with clones.

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