Frank Cho (again)…

From The Frank Cho Panel  at the New York City Comic-Con (via Newsarama)

The choicer elements:

Did he scale down his women for Mighty Avengers? Cho said he tried to with Black Widow but couldn’t fight it. So he said why bother” “Everyone gets a D cup.”


He’d… like to tackle Power Girl, “for obvious reasons”.

Comics as pornography, anyone?


6 Comments on “Frank Cho (again)…”

  1. You mean comics AREN’T pornography!? :O

    Quick, somebody tell Ian Churchill!!!

  2. “Everyone gets a D cup”? The man lies!
    There’s NO WAY Spidey’s more than a B.

  3. Greg Carter says:

    He said everyone gets a D-cup, he didn’t say they would fill them. I’m betting on over-stuffed, actually.

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  5. Jammy says:

    loved it really did

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