More Star Wars

Exile comes out today. After I finish it (maybe early next week at the latest…) I’ll write up an extensive review here as with this novel we’ve reached the half-way point of Legacy of the Force.

Oh and I was reading an interview with Aaron Allston today and found this excellent bit:

Thus far in the series, we haven’t seen too much of Jacen’s twin sister, Jaina, the Sword of the Jedi. I know you can’t give anything away, but would it be way off to guess that she’s going to play a larger role in the upcoming books?

You would be right. The thing about a sword, or any weapon, is that it’s a good idea to keep it in its sheath until it’s ready to be used.

This is, as they say, good news. Because, in a word, Jaina is awesome and Legacy of the Force has been suffering with her lack of a prescence in the novels.  


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