Academy Awards

I just want to put up a few thoughts about the Oscars this year.  I didn’t watch them because I didn’t feel like wasting half the day watching stars read stupid banter off cue cards.  I did watch the Ennio Morricone tribute, which I found to be a boring montage and a lame rendition of some of the best songs in movie history.  Celine Dion? Really?

Anyway,  I’ve long since accepted that the Oscars were a bunch of bullshit.  Rocky beats out Taxi Driver for best picture, the worst of the three Lord of the Rings films cleans up, and Gladiator gets 5 damn awards.  Up until this weekend I could have also pointed out that Ennio Morricone and Martin Scorsese had never won, but I guess they finally wised up years after both directors were in their prime.

As far as the awards themselves:  1. It is a travesty that Children of Men (CoM) was not nominated for best picture. The Queen? Who the fuck cares about The Queen?  (though I do respect Stephen Frears as a director) Personally I think CoM should have won, because while the Departed was fantastic, it didn’t have nearly the depth and nuance that CoM had.  Not to mention the incredible cinematography.  I haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth, so I don’t know if that had comparable shooting quality.

2.  What does it say about a nomination when none of the best picture candidates have anyone up for best actor and only one person up for best actress?  Why was Leo put up for the mediocre Blood Diamond rather than the Departed?  Why do I see the names Ryan Gosling, Eddie Murphy, and Will Smith alongside names like Peter O’Toole, Forrest Whitaker, and Alan Arkin?

3. Why is there a category for animated feature but no Science Fiction category or Comedy category?  I realize that great movies like Animal House or Blazing Saddles aren’t going to stand up to IMPORTANT films, but they should be recognized as great none-the-less.  And wouldn’t it be more fair to put Star Wars films up against films of a similar vein rather than up against those same IMPORTANT FILMS?

4. The Academy is made up of directors, actors, producers etc.  What the hell does Penelope Cruz know about film editing?  How does Angelina Jolie judge sound mixing?  What does Paul W. S. Anderson know about subtlety or good film?  Why do we think this is the best measure of a movie’s worth?

I really could go on and on, and at some point when I own both I may talk about Children of Men vs. the Departed if there is any interest.  I just wanted to get my thoughts out.  Also, maybe now Mr. White won’t bitch about the site being only comics and Star Wars.

7 Comments on “Academy Awards”

  1. titocf says:

    I haven’t yet seen Children of Men, so I can’t speak for it being better or worse than the Departed. I do want to check it out, but the main thing keeping me away at this point is that I’ve hated everything I’ve seen directed by Alfonso Cuaron. (While admittedly, that’s not much). You really should see Pan’s Labyrinth though. I loved every second of that.

  2. psycholarry says:

    Children of Men is one of the more profound film experiences I’ve had the pleasure to see on the big screen rather than via DVD. It is probably the perfect sci-fi film, and it respects the intelligence of the audience.
    As an addition to the post, I just noticed that Sin City didn’t get a single Oscar nomination. What the fuck? Not even best visual effects or cinematography? GOD.

  3. 1.) Did Sin City fall under this release year?

    2.) I would like to respectfully disagree with Tito about Pan’s Labyrinth. While I found it to be a beautiful film, I found it to be without a real purpose. The characters were stock, static, and the same old same old. The central message of the film seemed to be ‘the Spanish Civil War sucked’ but lacked actual political context. This left the film as a beautiful yet pointless exercise in violence.

  4. psycholarry says:

    Sin city was in for the 2006 awards and got no nominations. I mentioned it to reinforce that the Oscars were stupid.

  5. Oh. Well I agree that the Oscars are stupid

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  7. Mr. White says:

    First, Rocky was a better movie than Taxi Driver. Secondly Cuaron is a great director – just watch Y Tu Mama Tambien. Finally, I have to get my kicks in before we return to discussions on comic books, the Oscars are just a way for movie stars to give themselves a reach around. It’s like the ESPYs which is worse. Much worse.

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