Why Civil War (#7) is a bad comic…

This is the oddest comic book I have read in a long while. I’ve read it through three times and I still don’t understand how this how scatter-fuck of a story was supposed to make the Marvel Universe a more interesting, more dangerous place, better place.

What exactly happened in this issue? Clor proved just how useless and pointless he was (but allowed for some brain-splattering hella-cool violence!, Reed Richards gets deflated, America’s Heroes (TM) show Captain America that wanton destruction is bad, and Tony Stark (henceforth to be called Augustus) becomes emperor of the Marvel Universe. Oh yes and Spider-Man becomes a radical-superheroist terrorist (remember, friends, one man’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist).

My favourite part of this book is Reed and Sue. And how despite the horrible, horrible shit Reed and his cohorts do all he has to say is “sorry” and she comes running back. Clearly, Mark Millar knows how to write strong women.

How does all of this make the Marvel universe a more fractured and more dangerous (and thus in the eyes of Joe Quesada) a better place to read about?

To me the Marvel universe is a less interesting, safer place to live. Look: Augustus Stark has turned the world (or at least MU’s America) into some sort of some sort of pseudo-police state with extra-galactic prisons. And the public just eats it up. The super-hero community is now more or less on the same page (except for the Spectacular Spider-Terrorist and Amazing Friends). There are super-groups for every state (even Alaska!). How the fuck your supposed to be a super-criminal in this environment is beyond on me. And without super-criminals to beat on what’s the point of superhero comics exactly?

What really, deep down, perplexes me about this whole Civil War mess is, what exactly is the BIG POLITICAL STATEMENT that Millar was trying to tell us? What does all that hype about this book really being about ISSUES and CIVIL LIBERTIES versus SECURITY actually add up to?

Well, after reading this issue, it’s pretty obvious that Millar is telling us that if champions of civil liberties would just look around and realize how much destruction their fight against ‘authoritianism’ is causing, they would realize how wrong their is and surrender. And then everything would be great and the world safe and secure. For the children.

Golly, Mark, I knew your politics were kind of fucked up (see: Wanted, among other sources) but this is just out there.


10 Comments on “Why Civil War (#7) is a bad comic…”

  1. nate says:

    i think millar’s message is one that garth ennis touched upon a bit in preacher (in a more humorous manner): the expanse of america. america is a place full of ideas and some win out over other’s (stark’s versus rogers’: no one is wrong, no one is right). to paraphrase cassidy in the second to last issue of preacher, “america is a great place, but it’ll wear you out.”

    also, maybe president bush could stop for a second and look at the destruction and order his men to stand down. maybe cap isn’t the champion of civil liberties that millar initially portrayed him as.

    i think mark millar is establishing the marvel u as the gray area that it was created to be. no one is wrong, no one is right, people are just trying to do their best. the situation mirrors the political climate in america today (if not for the last 100 years).

  2. i don’t see how you can say that nobody was wrong. the narrative clearly establishes that captain america was wrong. the character even says so.

  3. psycholarry says:

    I’m not even going to deal with the politics here. Who in god’s name would decide that the best course of action in a fight that is destroying buildings is to try tackling the leader of one of the groups? “oh sure thing could pop our heads off by mistake or a flying wolverine could stab us in the face, but let’s charge right into the thick of this thing and bum rush one of the greatest fighters in the world!”

    And if this fight is so rough on the city, why the hell don’t you just have cloak port everyone over to Latveria or Siberia or Antarctica or some other bumfuck part of the world no one cares about? What about that country that ultron slaughtered (a much better story by the way)?

    I also love how quickly this fighting stops. Oh no buildings burning just like every fight we’ve ever had! Let’s cry and give up. It’s an easy joke to make, but the A stand for France thing comes to mind pretty quickly here.

    Ugh, there are better ways to get to this point. Most of them involve better, less hackneyed writing though.

  4. Mr. White says:

    Still hung up on comics and Star Wars, eh?

  5. you know colin, you caught me in a very, very foul mood… so would you please, please explain what the hell you mean by ‘hung up’?

    am i hung up on comics like one is hung up over an ex-lover? or are we talking about a psychological block or fixation? such as a fear of snakes or open places?

    or are you being a prick, as per usual?

    comics and star wars are two of my hobbies, i follow them in my spare-time as a pastime. much as someone else may watch football or basketball. i also enjoy discussing them on the internet. i believe this sort of thing has become common place in american society. i do not see a problem with this. nor see it as a hang up. but of course, your opinion may differ.

  6. Civil War is a pus-marbled fart of decadence. I have not the slightest remote interest in the soft-bellied left-leaning gutter trash bullshit of people like this Millar and his fellow knobs at current Marvel.

    Basically if you don’t like superheroes why the fuck work for the #1 company that makes and maintains them? Why steal from Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko et al and fuck up their masterful creations?

    It is dwarves grasping at the moon.

    Pathetic stuff.

    And to the legion of those who have never served and feel free to crap on and on about war– Marvel’s Civil War is a fucking disgrace on those grounds too.

    As for Captain America- the character has been so denigrated by this series that I think basically irreparable harm has been done.
    Hacks like Bendis started the rot and this is the real beginning of the end. Scattershot boosts in sales from people who are just SO not going to be longterm fans is not going to replace all of the ageing fanbase who have basically been told by this pack of sickly nerds “if you don’t like what we’re doing, fuck off”. So well done pseudo-Marvel… those fans will indeed leave, and I assure you they won’t come back until this is all reset.

    And it will all be reset, because it is whiny incoherent bullshit.

    Vertigo began this mess over at DC with the imported writers. Niche market success is one thing, committing that kind of crap on this scale is a recipe to turn Marvel’s current debt into ten times that sort of disaster.

  7. i’m not sure if we were reading the same civil war as despite mark millar’s stated liberalism, the political message of civil war was anti-liberal.

    oh and vertigo did not begin the ‘writer centric mess’ you speak of. vertigo is a by-product of it. the ‘mess’ began in the 80s with writers like alan moore and frank miller (who got his start at marvel with daredevil). projects became less about properties and more about creator names. this is both a good and a bad thing (good for overall quality but bad for character consistency over-time as each new writer seeks to remake the map like moore/miller).

    but marvel and dc are to ‘blame’ for this.

  8. Mr. White says:

    Hung up like hung up on a girl, which is fine. I am just wishing for a return to the old Blurred Productions which contained a variety of inerests and viewpoints. There are no stories or other little tidbits and the character of Smith Michaels has been distorted beyond recognition.

    Having a blog on your hobbies is all fine and dandy but I feel that you should of kept it separate from the Blurred Productions entity.
    Finally, I just like giving you a hard time.

  9. well, i invited all of the old staff people back to the new blurred productions. including you. i would be more then willing set you up here as in the good old days.

  10. Mr. White says:

    Mr. White does not publish on a blog.

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