Not enough room for two shapeshifters around here (Comics Reviews: 2/7/07)

Okay. No idle chatter this week, let’s get on to the reviews!


52 #40 – Well, this certain was a satisfying, if by the books, sort of closure for the Luthor/Steel storyline. Honestly, it seems that Wait/Rucka/Johns/Morrison reached into their ‘writer drawer’ and pulled out their outline for ‘stock action conclusion’ filled in some blanks and FED-EXed it to Keith Giffen. Again, though it was nice to see this title move towards some sort of END. RATING: GOOD

Ultimate Spider-Man 105 – Well, it really is official now, Bendis managed to pull off this whole Clone business in a engaging and satisfying way. Sadly though Bendis does ditch the whole Spider-Man is dating Kitty Pyrde plot point with this issue, restoring the status quo of Peter and Mary Jane. While this was predictable, it was a waste. The whole direction of Kitty and Peter’s relationship was one of those novel things that you can do in the Ultimate Universe and it’s a bit of a waste that Bendis discarded it without really developing it. Still, a great epilogue issue. RATING: FANTASTIC

Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil #1 – Now have complained a great deal about the OTHER Shazam series that DC has been putting out. This is a much better effort. MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better.  It has the right mix fun, meanace, whismy, and gentle humor. Oh and Smith’s AMAZING art. Easily the best diversion comic of the decade. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Detective Comics #828 –  Dini is a bit back on track with this issue. Batman solves the murder of an old childhood friend (again…) and the Riddler gets a nice moment or two. The art was pretty horrible though. RATING: GOOD

New Avengers #27 –  Really, ninjas bore me at this point. And, TSK Bendis a new Ronin identity mystery? How lame will the reveal but this time. Yu thankfully does take the care to include a pointless-vague-nude scene of Echo. Thank, Lenil for thinking so far out of the box. RATING: TERRIBLE

Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #1 – I didn’t not releaize that is book was going to entirely be an adaptation of scenes from Roland’s past in the Dark Tower  novels. I have little time for pure adaptations of things I have already read and enjoyed, no matter how pretty the art is. RATING: BAD


Supergirl #14 – Another pointless evil Batgirl appearance. When will she be a hero again? RATING: UTTER SHIT

Action Comics Annual #10 – If you like Bronze Age retreads you will enjoy this. If you have little patience for that sort of comics writing… RATING: MEH

3 Comments on “Not enough room for two shapeshifters around here (Comics Reviews: 2/7/07)”

  1. The Kaiser says:

    your opinion sucks and you are a hack.

    Long Live the House of El. Come son of Rogers…Kneel Before the Kaiser.

  2. psycholarry says:

    So bendis returning to the status quo with Ult. Spidey is a good thing? Seems more like a boring, easy answer sort of move to me.

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