Should I be happy about Happy?

This is going to one strange movie…

Honestly, I have little idea what to make of Iron Man casting news.  With each new cast member announced I become more and more perplexed when I think about the possiblity that this movie will actually be a quality production. That is to say, I am afriad that this movie is going to suck.


4 Comments on “Should I be happy about Happy?”

  1. psycholarry says:

    So in the face of Daredevil, Hulk, LXG, Fantastic Four, all three X-men films, both Spider-man movies and Ghost Rider, you’re worried about the quality of this movie? How could that be?

  2. Look: I enjoyed both Spider-Man films.

  3. psycholarry says:

    Doesn’t mean they were good Mr. “Peter Parker loves Mary Jane”

  4. The Kaiser says:

    don’t forget Constantine. QUALITY! Plus it shouldn’t be hard to make an Iron Man movie, all you need is a bottle of whiskey and some foil and you’ve pretty much got the character.

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