A question of parentage…

This new Question of the Moment really has been bothering me since I was like 10 or something and seeing the movie recently just brought it all back.

 Question of the Moment #3…

In Goof Troop & The Goofy Movie, who was Max Goof’s mother and what happened to her?


2 Comments on “A question of parentage…”

  1. The Kaiser says:

    the whole “Goofy” thing has confused me for ages, and “Max” just makes it worse.
    let us consider the logical problems:
    Goofy is a dog.
    Pluto is a dog.
    Goofy is sentient (sort of) and anthropomorphic.
    Pluto is a dog that acts like a dog.
    Max is the son of Goofy.
    Max is also a dog.
    Max is sentient and anthropomorphic.
    Max’s mother is never mentioned.

    Conclusion. Goofy and Max are Genetically Engineered trans genetic human/dog hybrids.

    Max’s real name is: Maximum “Max” Georges Junior Goofey

    Goofy’s real name is: Georges G. “Goofy” Goofey.

    However…for the sake of argument let’s discuss Max’s mother.

    There is a little known Disney Character named Penny…

    Penny is Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck’s best friend who helps form a trio of companions who did everything together. Minnie the little mouse-girl, Daisy the little duck-girl, Penny the little dog-girl, along with Clarabelle the little cow-girl, Patty the little pony-girl, T.J. the little turtle-girl, Lilly the little lamb-girl, including Minnie’s pet puppy, Fifi, and Daisy’s pet kitten, Trixie, these characters comprised Minnie’s circle of childhood friends. More recently, Figaro the Kitten, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have also been added to the list of Minnie’s childhood friends.

    Who is Penny and why does she rate an entry? First, because she seems to have played a major roll in Minnie’s early life, forming the third in a trio of comadres akin to that of the Mickey, Donald and Goofy trio. Second, because she may be the mysterious mate of Goofy and mother of Max. This supposition is formed based on a few commonalties. She and Goofy are both dogfaces, has reddish-auburn hair and a red nose similar to the adult Mrs. Goofy: that briefly appeared in a few Goofy cartoons, and similar to the attributes of young “Goofy Junior” before his hair, nose and ears turned black. In “Fathers are People” (Oct. 21, 1951), upon telling his co-workers about the birth of his son, they ask him what he looks like, to which Goofy replys, “He has my nose, the wife’s hair [red]…” Penny, the pre-teen was an athlete and a rather “goofy” character. Mrs. Goofy is tall and shapely, and very much Goofy’s equal. In at least one cartoon, “A Knight For a Day” (Mar. 8, 1946), Goofy won the hand (in marriage) of Princess Penelope (a.k.a. Esmerelda), and Penny is short for Penelope. In perhaps an unconscious allusion by the Disney Studio, at least one episode of “Goof Troop” had Goofy actually dating Max’s school councilor who bore the name Miss Pennypacker in “Date With Destiny” (coincidence? I don’t think so). Finally, both Penny and Mrs. Goofy have disappeared without explanation. If this theory is valid, then Penny, as “Mrs. Goofy,” appeared in four Goofy cartoons. Besides, she’s a much better choice than “Clarabelle Cow” whom Goofy also briefly dated.

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