Submited without comment from Blog@Newsarama and one of my blogger heroes Graeme McMillan:

[Commenting on] the interview on [Newsarama] with Richard Bonk, the artist on the upcoming Return To Wonderland series:

NRAMA: Are you enjoying showcasing the cheesecake factor in the book?

RB: There’s really not much cheesecake at all in the series, but I do like drawing purty girls.

NRAMA: So, you’re saying there’s not a decent amount of cleavage, hiked-up skirts, and even Calie in her undies?

RB: Oh, alright, we got cheesecake… but, tastefully and purposely done… never gratuitous!

Leaving aside the creepy joy in the book having “cleavage, hiked-up skirts and even [a teenage girl] in her undies” that that exchange displays – but of course, it’s never gratuitous, only “a decent amount” of cheesecake – the placement of those words next to an upskirt shot of the teenage girl, apparently sans underwear, just made me wish that I controlled the comic industry purely so that I make sure that this book never appeared. Or, if it had to, then each cheesecake shot would be matched by embarrassing beefcake photos of Bonk himself.


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