The spitting wars: Glenn speaks!

From Media Matters:

This is just utter silliness.

1.) There is no actual proof (the article was unsourced, which means it was just based on jack shit) that this veteran was spat on. Plus, the vet’s story has shifted at least a couple of times.

2.) He wasn’t spat on, he was spat at. A technical but important difference.

3.) The story seems that one jackass out of the thousands of protesters at the rally spat at a veteran. If this is true, the spiter is an asshole but one asshole at the anti-war protest does not make all of the anti-war protesters assholes. Just like one crazy anti-choice activist at a anti-choice rally does not make all anti-choice protesters crazy.

4.) As the Media Matters points out, there is no empirical evidence that Vietnam vets were ever spat on.  None. All stories about such incidents are, at best, circumstantial. The ‘hippies/anti-war people spat on our troops’ line of thinking is a very dangerous myth that continues to damage American discourse to this day.

Beck, like usual, just gets on TV and blowvates about something that he knows little about. Seriously, what sort of productive, insightful commentary has this man ever produced?


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