I’m SUPERMAN (Comics Reviews: 1/31/07)

Pretty light week for comics, folks. Though this week was filled with better books then most.

Let’s get on with it then…

52 #39 – First things, first… Montoya did not fight a dragon in this issue (I checked twice!). Tsk. Tsk. And come on Grant/Geoff/Mark/Greg a cannibal named Hannibal? Lame, ever so lame. That said, what I liked most about this issue was the sense that things are actually moving towards a conclusion of a sort. The supposed third act of this book has been sorely lacking in the actually elements one would describe as an ending. So, it’s nice to see that this week. Hopefully next week will build on this. So despite the patheticness of the how Hannibal bit (even Lector himself is pathetic these days)… RATING: GOOD

Daredevil #93 –  What impressed me most about this issue was how well Brubaker managed to completely undue the Bendis status quo without destroying or really denouncing Bendis’ work on the title AND tell a good story while doing it. It’s a great piece of continuity kung-fu. I’m looking forward to the Milla centric issue next month. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ex Machina #26 – I have only one question about this issue: are there still public, on the street, phone booths in New York City? RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Knights of the Old Republic #13 – This book really has hit an excellent stride. The characters and setting in Star Wars history are well established and the plots remain solid. This is easily the best Star Wars comic book around. RATING: FANTASTIC

Teen Titans #43 – My feelings are mixed on this book. On one hand this issue is a pretty typical first issue of a “team of bad guys take down our heroes” story, in fact it’s almost telegraphically so. Yet this book contain a retcon designed to play to my fanboy heart. Johns crafted a little continuity patch to explain away Batgirl’s recent behavior. Yet, if memory serves, this new revelation doesn’t entirely click with the events in Robin. But, I am inclined to over look that in favor of getting Cassie I remember back. So I give this book a tentative RATING of GOOD but retain the right to adjusted my rating based on what Johns does with the rest of this storyline. Also: am I the only one a bit disappointed that Johns decided to leave the book on a story arc that once again apes Wolfman?

And that’s all for this week. See you next week!

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