Clearly Glenn, this is a word that should just be taken back for our usage!

I truly believe Glenn Beck is the worst commentator on TV. At least O’Reilly and Hannity use coded language. I mean, fuck, even Rush does.

Is being an asshole all that’s required to get a cable news show these days?


4 Comments on “Clearly Glenn, this is a word that should just be taken back for our usage!”

  1. Hi

    I would think “starts with an F, rhymes with maggot” would be easier to get all offended about rather than a term you’ve probably heard or said yourself many, many times. (assuming your a twink)

    But, if you want to get your feelings hurt, it’s pretty damned easy.

    You can feel bad if it makes you feel better.

    Have a nice day.

  2. psycholarry says:

    It’s a good thing that God hates the Gays for us so that we don’t have to waste our time doing it.

  3. The Kaiser says:

    “Let the military kill the enemy over there so they can’t cut your head off over here.” – Icanplainlysee

    I find utter and complete humor in this post. The narrow and myopic view Icanplainlysee dictates not just through this but through everything he posts shows a very small view of the United States and of course the world.

    In his mind we must be in a continuous state of war. We must continue to fight the ‘terrorists’ over there so they don’t come over here. hmmm…Simplistic at best. Perhaps if Icanplainlysee had a broader view of history, of the world perhaps, he could see that perpetual war doesn’t change things for the better, in fact our presence is fueling further violence. I agree with Icanplainlysee where he states war is sometimes a necessary evil. This is true. To expose ourselves however in one of the most volatile regions of the world is a grave error. Icanplainlysee, I know you want to attack liberals and do-gooders for not supporting the troops. You take an asinine approach in articulating your argument.

    This problem is in no small part of our (again, the West’s) making; we traded freedom for stability in the region in order to have secure and compliant trading partners. But having had a role in raising a psychopath doesn’t mean we should let ourselves be attacked by him as a way of assuaging our guilt.

    If we are going to fight, we have a clear choice; we can fight to secure a supply of affordable oil, and to intimidate the other countries in the region into maintaining our supply of cheap oil; or we can fight to dismantle the social structures that our oil money and their dictators have created and attempt to free the people who have been forced to live hopeless, squalid lives. The first may come as a consequence of the second, but the second will never come as a consequence of the first. If we can help create stable societies in the Middle East, they will most likely be good trading partners. If we create good trading partners, they will most likely have to continue the repression that fuels their population’s hopelessness and rage.

    The most appalling aspect of this ideology, to me, is not simply its rejection of any ideas of international consensus or international law–the ideas that were the foundation of our victories in the Second World War and in the Cold War–but its utter irresponsibility. Like so many Boomers over the last forty years, the purveyors of this policy assume they can have anything they want without paying for it. If they really feel American troops had to root out Middle Eastern extremism, they should be calling for a draft and the doubling, at least of our ground forces. But a draft would never pass, and might even affect their own children if it did–so a draft must not be mentioned. That contradiction alone should rule their ideas out of court, but the President of the United States appears to share the same view.

    So which is it Icanplainlysee? Did we go to war for WMD’s? to topple a despot? to stop terrorism? to create democracy? Oil? What? The administration’s story changes as quickly as the wind and this country has had enough.

    So if Liberals want a response to the war, here it is:

    1) We won’t take Iraqi oil as booty;
    2) We will work to wean ourselves from Middle Eastern oil through efficiency and domestic sources (but this time, unlike the Alaska pipeline, we won’t lie to Congress and the people and go sell the oil to Japan)
    3) We’re in this for the duration. Islamic Fundamentalism is going to spread out from the Middle East, to Africa, South East Asia, etc. The American people better be willing to stomach decades of this.
    4) Fight Global Poverty. That will curb the violence and create stable regimes in volatile areas.

    If we can’t answer all three as a solid “yes”, we shouldn’t go. We should just close out eyes, hunker down and hoep for the best.

    If we can, we should. We’re in a fight, and wishing it away won’t make it disappear.

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