Once more with feeling…

Because you demanded it and the world really needed Countdown to Infinite Crisis again…

I think the world needs a fucking break from world shattering crossovers, don’t you?

6 Comments on “Once more with feeling…”

  1. kastor417 says:

    well i think it looks alot like the sopranos season 5 cast pic… but i like the red robin in the pic

  2. The Kaiser says:

    My final theory – They are all from different earths/dimensions

    MM and Barda – 4th World
    Black Canary – Earth 2
    Red Robin – Kingdom Come earth
    Batman – Random else worlds earth
    Green Arrow – New Earth
    Mary Marvel – Earth S
    Superman – Pre-Crisis Earth 1?
    Wonder Woman – Unsure
    Flash – It’s Barry and he is the new Pariah – He has the ability to travel to any earth, he brought them all together to stop something on…

    Earth Prime

    The last JLA/JSA crossover before Crisis on Infinate Earths was called “Crisis on Earth Prime”. This is also why they are in New York instead of Metropolis or Gotham or any other DC city

  3. The Kaiser says:

    plus…what the fuck Superman. What the fuck!? Stop crying! please. Earth whatever-the-fuck-number needs their greatest champion and you…you are sucking on Wonder Woman’s tits. Granted…that would be sweet, we can all agree to that. But even Ollie isn’t nearing the Black Canary to do such a thing. Please…Stop crying.

    Jor-El never cried. even as he sent his only son from the planet krypton and everything he knew and loved was about to be destroyed, he never cried. ass.

  4. psycholarry says:

    1. For some reason this version crops out the Flash
    2. You left Ion and Donna Troy out of your list
    3. I swear I’ve seen that Arabian Nights Batman before, but I’ll be damned if I can find it now. If it’s meant to be Leatherwing Batman, that artist definitely did it wrong

  5. psycholarry says:

    Someone made a good point somewhere else: near WW’s feet and BB’s hand are small red and gold specs. Could those be Booster and Ray Palmer?

  6. Huh. Last night this version wasn’t cropping out batman and the flash

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