Reports of my death have been yada yada…

So. Apologies for my absence over the last few weeks. I’ve relocated Blurred Productions HQ (and just got internet) over the week of the first and then had some surgery last Friday from which I am still recovering. I am currently recovering and getting use to a world of crutches, starting a new semester, and am off work. SO don’t expect much from me until the week of the 21st (especially comics reviews).

Hope everyone in the blogoversesphere had a good holiday.

I will try to post occasionally and hopefully some of the other contributors will pick up my slack.

Again, apologies.

2 Comments on “Reports of my death have been yada yada…”

  1. Mr. White says:

    I can’t believe what I am seeing. Blurred Productions has become a blog. And one devoted to comic books at that! I can remember when it was something more, something different. There is one, and only one, person on whom this could be blamed and that is Smith Michaels. What happened to his witty insights in high school and politics? Has that been replaced by…reading comic books?!? This is either the work of an imposter or Michaels has been nurtured. All I can say is that I, Mr. White, formerly National Affairs Editor of Blurred Productions am saddened over what has become of this site, now a blog.

    I have one more National Affairs column for you: Blurred Productions sucks and so do comic books.
    Bring back The Author!

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