Maybe more of this will follow?

From my hero, Professor Alterman.

Barack Obama is giving FOX NEWS the cold shoulder after that whole Obama might have been educated by terrorists nonsense last week. This is good news. Hopefully other politicians wrong by FOX’s smears will follow suit. Maybe one day FOX will go die and go away.

We all can dream, eh?


I’m SUPERMAN (Comics Reviews: 1/31/07)

Pretty light week for comics, folks. Though this week was filled with better books then most.

Let’s get on with it then…

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To prove a point…

To follow up on the last post. I believe Glenn Beck was wrong to pretend that usage of the word “faggot” wasn’t offensive. It is a very offensive word, the usage of which should not be thrown around on CNN Headline news at eight o’clock at night. The term however can be put to good use to mock idiots.

Thus I present, in honor of Glenn Beck, this

Can you clearly see plainly just how funny this is? More here. It’s called satire, my friends. Homophobia, like all irrational hatreds is just plain wrong. That’s today’s lesson!

Clearly Glenn, this is a word that should just be taken back for our usage!

I truly believe Glenn Beck is the worst commentator on TV. At least O’Reilly and Hannity use coded language. I mean, fuck, even Rush does.

Is being an asshole all that’s required to get a cable news show these days?

Once more with feeling…

Because you demanded it and the world really needed Countdown to Infinite Crisis again…

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Smith Michaels: The Return

So after a month (and then some) I am back. Expect from this week out for me to be regularly contributing back here at Blurred Productions and to produce my weekly comic reviews again. My post-surgery recovery is mostly over and I am fully back at school and work. I hope to, sooner rather than later, to be producing twice my output from last year.

So, to get me back into this whole reviewing thing, I’ve decided to review a stack of comics (from the last couple of weeks) in a sort of stream of consciousness mode.

‘Traditional’ reviews will return next week. So, let’s get on it then!

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Since it was requested, and it pleases me to do so, I’m posting one of the old columns I did with Smith Michaels.¬† If he doesn’t want the screenname he never uses reveald, he can wake himself up from whatever Scandinavian¬† hell hole he’s passed out in and edit this damn thing himself.¬† I have nothing to hide.

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