But it has to be our secret… (Comics Reviews: 12/28)

Not much time this week so… SPEED REVIEWS.

Hope everybody had a good holiday.

52 #34 – No, no, no. A massive waste of a great character. Plus the art was utter shit this week. Especially the Luthor scenes. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Justice League of America #5 – And… Meltzer drops the ball again. An utter snore fest. And really could Vixen and Geo-Force have anything less to do with the main plot? RATING: TERRIBLE

The Immortal Iron Fist #2 –  Continues to impress. Especially Aja’s art. Wow. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Astonishing X-Men #19 – The X-Men’s ship looks like a penis. Whedon and Cassaday continue to entertain me with this book. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Detective Comics #827 – Paul Dini, really, did we really need a h0t version of Scarface? And I absolutely love it when DC retcons a story that is less then six months old. RATING: TERRIBLE

Knights of the Old Republic #11 – Continues to entertain wit fun, light Star Wars stories in a very Biowareish vein. RATING: FANTASTIC

Daredevil #92 – Pretty and well-written. Brubaker is tying together everything so far in his run in a very satisfying way, changing the Bendis status quo will still playing around inside. Great stuff. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #13 – Quality continues to abound with this title. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ultimate Fantastic Four #37 – Very pretty art but I’m bored by Ultimate Thanoside. *YAWN* RATING: MEH

Ultimate Power #3 – Terrible art, prediable plot. I’m done even flipping through this book. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Onslaught Reborn #2 – I guess, photoshoped backgrounds are today’s hatch-marks. RATING: UTTER SHIT

More full reviews next week. I promise.


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