I thought you were supposed to be smart. (Comics Reviews: 12/20)

Apologies for the lateness of these reviews but I was indisposed yesterday.

On to it then!


52 #33 – The art was really, really ugly this week. Just horrible, nearly unreadable on some pages. The plot moved forward a decent amount but sadly none of these developments were exciting or very interesting. Look for a long rant in this space next week if they actually kill of Vic Sage next time. RATING: BAD

Ultimate Spider-Man #103 – Well, extreme credit goes to Bendis, it looks like he’s actually going to pull this roller coaster of a story arc off. A lot of plot elements clicked into place this issue and everything seems to be building up to a satisfying conclusion. Really if next issue builds well on this issue Bendis may have actually crafted an excellent Spider-Man clone story. I know. What the fuck? RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Fables #56 – This was a nice Christmas issue that managed to push the overall plot forward and provide the expected Christmas sap. I’m looking forward a great deal to the next Bigby/Snow arc. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Birds of Prey #101 – Well, last issue’s high quality was not a fluke. I’m really enjoying the new (and expanded) cast on this book. Scott’s art suited Simone’s script well, I hope Scott manages to stick around for more then this issue. Oh and Scott Free was mentioned this issue, does that mean that he’s do for an appearance? RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Hellblazer #227 – Well, Hellblazer is on it’s usual march to the status quo (John and Chas are friends again) as Mina wraps up her storyline. The twist at the end is nice and hopefully will lead to a very interesting end to this very uneven arc. RATING: GOOD

New Avengers #26 – Well, first things first, Maleev can draw up a storm. His art is so very amazing it’s worth picking up this issue for it alone. BUT, I’m not sure what the fuck the point of this issue is other for Bendis then to utterly show that Wanda can never be a hero again. Its nice that Hawkeye isn’t dead and all but does Bendis really have to go out of his way to write the Scarlet Witch out of the picture? I thought House of M did a good enough job at that. RATING: BAD


Teen Titans #42 – Two thoughts: first the cover is wrong Tony Daniels is NOT the artist on this issue, Peter Snejbjerg is (and his work is AMAZING). Two, of course it was Neron. RATING: GOOD

FANTASTIC FOUR #541 -The Thing teams up with some sort of lame version of Justice League International? Stupid, stupid, stupid. RATING: TERRIBLE

Civil War: Frontline #9 – Ugh. So now Tony Stark is guilty of insider trading too? RATING: UTTER SHIT

Iron Man #14 – You know, I really should just stop doing this to myself. Civil War tie-ins are just, ugh, horrible. Poor Sue, she even gets shit on in other character’s books too, not just FF. Great. RATING: UTTER SHIT

See you next week!


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