I believe this is perhaps the oddest thing that has ever been asked of me.

I recieved this in my Myspace inbox this afternoon.

I’m currently working on a piece for the award-winning sexuality and culture magazine Nerve.com, and was hoping to interview you for my article. I saw in your profile that you work in a comic store.

My piece is a column entitled “Sex Advice from Comic Book Store Clerks.”

“SAF…” is a regular, weekly Nerve feature that asks real people for “sex advice” in response to common problems.

I’d need to ask you for answers to a bunch of general sex questions. I would need to include your first name and a photo of you, but I wouldn’t use your last name (unless you want me to!).

Can you let me know if you would be interested in participating? If so, I will send you a list of questions via email and you can send your answers back to me.

Thanks much! Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am used to getting crazy shit from Myspace but really this takes the cake.

Seriously though, sex advice from me? I get uncomfortable selling people the porn comics we keep behind the counter.

5 Comments on “I believe this is perhaps the oddest thing that has ever been asked of me.”

  1. Wilfredo says:

    I think that is hilarious!
    As a former comic store employee I noticed, more than anything, is that the young men and women, my colleagues pretty much kept their sex lives to themselves and I think would have preferred to watch a good movie, or gaming, or just hang out and rank on each other, than the complication of going out on a date and possibly get laid. Somehow, I don’t know, that seemed healthier to me, and I was sorry that I missed the boat on all of that since I started working the store later in my life.

  2. PsychoLarry says:

    The puritans showed that sexual repression leads to crazies Smith. I think you should do it. Hell, if nothing else, just have fun with it. Anonymous internet personas are part of what makes America great.

  3. sungame says:

    Strange question and strange column indeed. Another thing I find rather strange is that anyone who already has a wordpress blog would feel the need for a myspace account…

  4. Kerrin says:

    Actually, Google Laura Barcella, she is a known writer. I have read a lot of her stuff.

    But then again I can understand the awkwardness of a total stranger asking you to answer questions like these.

  5. lostmirth says:

    Absolutely! Be sure to read some Japanese Manga (Hentai style) before the interview!

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