Why the Trials of Shazan (#4) is a bad comic…

This book really suffers from the “law of diminishing hatred”. Whatever positive expectations I had for this book at this point are completely gone and I’m just utterly bored by it. I don’t even hate this book any more, I’m just completely bored with it. I believe this is the last time I’ll even discuss this utter disaster of a maxi-series.

That does not make it a good comic.

All of the annoying tics in Winick’s writing are pretty much on display here. I mean, hell, he spends a page of overwrought narration to introduce a group of characters he blows up just a page later. Plus more hackneyed magic crap.

Yeah. I’m completely done with this book, even to talk poorly about it.


3 Comments on “Why the Trials of Shazan (#4) is a bad comic…”

  1. Walt Grogan says:


    Please don’t stop your reviews of TRIALS OF SHAZAM. I’m enjoying them way more than the book itself.


  2. well, i’ll read the next issue. if it proves to be so offensive that i my boredom is pushed aside, i’ll write up a review.

    but no promises.

  3. kastor417 says:

    of all the new books to come out of crisis i think this is one of the ones i am continueing to read. I think that reading the holiday special also helped to explain some of the goings on too.

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