Why does it all hurt so much? (Comics Reviews: 12/13)

So what happened to that Newuniversal review last week? It disapeared with all my time over the weekend. Luckily life should be calming down with finals over tomorrow. We’ll see. Holidays are busy at the store (though it’s been a slow season this year.)

Let’s get to it then.


52 #32 – At this point what exactly is Ralph after, I can’t remember.  Is it to bring Sue back or just get over her death. This issue just muddles the point even more (unless that was the point… eh.) The overall plots barley move forward this issue, everything was very much a ‘wheels spinning in the mud’ sort of moments. I did like the Accomplished Perfect Physician and is two panel origin. RATING: MEH

Ex Machina #25 – A pretty great issue, as it’s always nice to get some info on the supporting players in a book like this. Not much to comment on, since the overall plot didn’t move forward at all, and my love for this book is pretty much made clear month in and month out.

Justice League of America #4 – I absolutely love how Turner’s cover has virtually nothing to do with the contents of this issue. Meltzer keeps improving with each issue as he starts to actually kick things into gear, yet there are plenty of missteps in this issue. For example, if Superman has trouble pulling off the Starros then why can ‘Red Arrow’ shoot them off with an arrow? Plus the twist ending comes off way too much as something Meltzer spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME thinking about as a ‘unguessable twist’ on an old villain.  Yet the book is starting to shed some of the superheroes as fantasy football tone and boredom that plagued the first three issues. Benes art continues to mostly repluse me. RATING: BAD

Tales of the Unexpected #3 – First things first, I did not read the Spectre story in this book. That said, this is one of the greatest comic books I have ever read. The Dr. 13 story is utterly charming and funny. A great use of an under used character. This has everything that makes the DC Universe and superhero comics fun, talking apes, ghosts, vampires are played pitch perfectly. Easily the best work I’ve ever read from Azzarello is usually far too serious and noir for his own good.  RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Robin #157 – Easily this is the best use of a Seven Solider post-Morrison. I’m amazed at how well Frazier Irving works for Robin. I’m very surprised that either Marvel or DC has given him an exclusive deal. Beechen’s script is excellent, keeping the tone fun and soap opreatic at the same time. Very few writers manage that these days. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

The Spirt #1 – I have no real previous knowledge of the Spirit, other then it’s a  that I haven’t read. That said I really enjoyed this issue. Cooke’s art is stunning and his writing most excellent. He does a good job of establishing the basics of his take of the Spirit and keeping the tone fast, light, and fun. I really look forward to future issues. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ultimate X-Men #77 – *Yawn* Even the Ultimate version of Professor X is a pretty asshole and perv. RATING: MEH


Wonder Man #1 – I really hated Currie’s art. His bodies are just WAY too angular for my tastes. David’s story was a bit contrived (I know it’s a riff on My Fair Lady… or something). Not a bad book just not particularly interesting. RATING: MEH

Sandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of Reason #1 – Nguyen is just trying to hard to be Guy Davis. I can live with the new death for the original Golden Age Sandman but just not sold on this book. It just seems so pointless and disconnected from the old title. BUT, I love the old series though so I’m willing to give this series a couple of more issues. This issue left me cold, like most books that use the War on Terror as a back drop these days but as I said, I’ll give it another issue to really see where it goes. RATING: BAD

That’s all for this week. Except for Shazam.


3 Comments on “Why does it all hurt so much? (Comics Reviews: 12/13)”

  1. kastor417 says:

    I agree about THe JL i think the story is too confusing trying to do too many things at once. And i also agree about 52, part of me wants to yell get on with it already, and Ult x too, i still have a lot to read it was a jam packed week.

  2. psycholarry says:

    So why does the JLA need Geoforce?

  3. honestly because Brad Meltzer is the only person who remembers who he is.

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