Sorcerers have little patience for the laws of nature and even less for the laws of men… (Comics Reviews: 12/6)

Busy, busy, busy. Quick reviews this week, filled with snark (I hope). I know I have been neglecting BP over the last few weeks but life (and school) has been insane.

On to it then…


52 # 31 – My first thought after finishing this issue was, “So the Vuuzhan Vong have invaded the DC Universe?”  This was a solid outing that seemed to be actually pushing the plot forward somewhat, which is nice. But the whole “Who is Supernova mystery?” is very much a non-starter with me. Boring. My earlier prediction about Supernova is looking like it’s going to hold up though. Man, those Oans are DICKS. RATING: MEH

Doctor Strange: The Oath #3 – This book is beyond great. Easily one of the best things Marvel has produced all year. I can’t rave enough about it. I’ll recommend it to anybody  I can find. Bottom line: YOU SHOULD BE READING THIS MINI-SERIES. I know, deep criticism again from Smith Micheals. I’m totally a top-notch New Critic. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Detective Comics #826 – This is a very good joker story with utterly terrible art. Dini’s story is interesting and keeps with his general theme of “done in one non-prick Batman stories”. But Kirk’s art is just awful this time out. His Joker design is terrible, hard to look at (not in a disgusting in-story way) and not menacing in the least. Kirk really brings down what should be a very excellent issue. RATING: GOOD

Manhunter #26 – I really can not recommend this book enough. It truly is the sucessor James Robinson’s Starman, re-energizing an old DC property for a new age. I’m really looking forward to where Andreyko takes this book with Manhunter’s new lease on life. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Spider-Man: Reign #1 – Or The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Returns. This is one of those comics that tries so, so hard to be serious and really say something important  (‘Sing the song. Lean the rhyme. Prepare yourself.’) and adult (‘She pulls me in. And for the first time in ten years, I taste sunshine’) about superheroes and just falls flat on its fucking face.  Really Joey Q did the world need a Spider-Man version of DKR? I mean this skates that dangerous line between a homage and a just plain fucking rip-off. It’s almost at some points that Frank Miller ghost wrote this book, with overwrought tough guy with heart of gold thought captions and all. Hell, the color scheme is virtually the same! This book really does read like it was created in 1987, in the heart of the “Dark Age” of Watchmen, DKR, and the like. But it was actually created in 2006 and read like a sad attempt by a lesser talent to mimic the masters of the past. An utter waste. If you’re interested in a good “dark” Spidey tale read Kraven’s Last Hunt. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Newuniversal #1 – This is a perfect Warren Ellis comic. So prefect in fact that it deserves its own stand alone review. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Justice Society of America #1 – This is very much a standard comic written on the “Geoff Johns” template, where he once again tells us what the Justice Society ‘means’ in the DC universe. This is certainly not a bad comic, in fact it is quite well done. But it suffers very much from a bit of the ‘been there done that’ syndrome. Johns is very predictable on this book. Though, I am glad to see a new Starman. I am afraid that this book will suffer from the ‘too many cast members syndrome’. We will have to wait and see. RATING: GOOD


Uncanny X-Men #481 – I find it sad when I can predict the events of an issue from the first five pages or so. This issue was  a bit of let down in it’s predictability. We’ll see about next month. Plus, is Rachel even considered part of the Summers family anymore? RATING: MEH

Ultimate Vision #1 – A bit let down from Mike Carey. The plot is a relatively typical story with very little innovation. Poor Ultimate Falcon just doesn’t get any respect. RATING: MEH

That’s all for now. I’ll be back this weekend with an actual review of Newuniversal.


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