But it has to be our secret… (Comics Reviews: 12/28)

Not much time this week so… SPEED REVIEWS.

Hope everybody had a good holiday.

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I thought you were supposed to be smart. (Comics Reviews: 12/20)

Apologies for the lateness of these reviews but I was indisposed yesterday.

On to it then!

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Fantastic Lost News

This is very exciting for those who follow both comics and Lost:


I believe this is perhaps the oddest thing that has ever been asked of me.

I recieved this in my Myspace inbox this afternoon.

I’m currently working on a piece for the award-winning sexuality and culture magazine Nerve.com, and was hoping to interview you for my article. I saw in your profile that you work in a comic store.

My piece is a column entitled “Sex Advice from Comic Book Store Clerks.”

“SAF…” is a regular, weekly Nerve feature that asks real people for “sex advice” in response to common problems.

I’d need to ask you for answers to a bunch of general sex questions. I would need to include your first name and a photo of you, but I wouldn’t use your last name (unless you want me to!).

Can you let me know if you would be interested in participating? If so, I will send you a list of questions via email and you can send your answers back to me.

Thanks much! Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am used to getting crazy shit from Myspace but really this takes the cake.

Seriously though, sex advice from me? I get uncomfortable selling people the porn comics we keep behind the counter.

Is this some sort of meta joke?

This is very lame. And a total cop-out. Hopefully this just shows everyone just how silly Time has become.


From Newsarama…

*sigh* How long will it last this time? What with a new FF movie coming out and all.

Why the Trials of Shazan (#4) is a bad comic…

This book really suffers from the “law of diminishing hatred”. Whatever positive expectations I had for this book at this point are completely gone and I’m just utterly bored by it. I don’t even hate this book any more, I’m just completely bored with it. I believe this is the last time I’ll even discuss this utter disaster of a maxi-series.

That does not make it a good comic.

All of the annoying tics in Winick’s writing are pretty much on display here. I mean, hell, he spends a page of overwrought narration to introduce a group of characters he blows up just a page later. Plus more hackneyed magic crap.

Yeah. I’m completely done with this book, even to talk poorly about it.