I won’t be back until late (Comics Reviews: 11/29)

Smallish week. Let’s get to it.

And hey look! I didn’t speed read any books this week!

52 #30 – Poor Vic Sage, I am truly hoping that he does not become a victim of Greg Rucka’s mad plan to make Renee a superhero. Tsk. I really love the character of the Question and this just makes me sad. As for the rest of this issue, I’m not sure how having Nightwing and Robin operating in costume works within the mission statement for this series… but whatever. Dick is written as competent crime fighter in this issue, a major plus. Plus the cover is very pretty. So… RATING: GOOD

Batman/Spirit #1 – I have no attachment to the Spirit, but Darwyn Cooke’s art is just amazing. AMAZING. Fun cross-over story. RATING: FANTASTIC

Teen Titan #41 – Diaz and Benjamin are not as good as Tony Daniel and the book suffers for it. A lot. I believe this issue marks the 100th time Johns a used the “new team member tells us how well the Titans work together” narrator ploy. That is the world record. RATING: BAD

Captain America #24 – Another great issue, despite the big Civil War banner across the cover. I hope they keep Perkins around as the fill-in for Epting because he is nearly as perfect for this book. The ending with the Red Skull is, again, the best  part.  Can’t wait for the next arc. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Star Wars: Legacy #6 – Well, this book, like Knights of the Old Republic, really just clicked with me over the last few issues. Plus, you know, I love Jedi and lightsaber fights and this issue is just full of them. Next issue looks like it will be too. Great Star Wars stuff, if that’s your cup of tea. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

The Immortal Iron Fist #1 – This book just exceeded expectations. Aja’s art is stunning, and works perfectly for the character and the tone Brubaker and Fraction are going for. I can’t recommend this book enough. Easily could be the new break-out Marvel Superhero title. Looking forward to where they’re going. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ultimate Power #2 – Bendis’ plot here is just so fucking pedestrian it’s pathetic. Land’s art is just horrid (example: Kitty  ooks like a 33 year old porn star). How many times can the characters say, in one form or the other that the big fight is a “party”?  An utter fucking waste of everyone’s time. Creators and fans. How many “major” Ultimate events can happen before Millar/Hitch finish Ultimates 2? RATING: UTTER SHIT

Onslaught Reborn #1 – I know this is a charity book and everyone and their mom on the internet is going to be bashing it… yet I’ll still jump on the pile, if you will. This book is a utterly horrible example of pointless anniversary fan-wankering.  Liefeld’s art is, as usual, ugly and nearly unreadable (example: His depiction of The Thing). Each of the several one-page spreads is worse then the last. Loeb’s plot is lame and uninteresting (Just how many villains is the post-House M ‘mutant energy wave’ going to create?). Ugh. What was Marvel thinking? RATING: UTTER SHIT

That’s all for this week. See you next time.


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