Why New Avengers #25 is a bad comic

I’m not going to get into the problems with Civil War here, but I felt this needed discussion.  Spoiler alert in case that matters.

Let’s start with How do you shut down Iron Man?
Alright, after decades of fighting bad guys and dealing with shit like EMPs, and getting controlled by Kang Tony doesn’t have any method of getting past a verbal password?  No restart switch inside the Armor?  And why would he not make the password voice activated?  If Captain America doesn’t know it why would Iron Man trust that someone besides him would know how to shut him down?  Somehow of course, the Stark tower is empty beyond Jarvis and some guards outside the door, who NOBODY NOTICES when they fall over simultaneously in the middle of New York City.  Then Extremis level Iron Man isn’t able to kill this ex-employee before he is able to speak three long words.  This is a guy who pops heads, and he can’t plant a glove over this guy’s mouth before he utters the uber-shutdown code?  Tony is a “futurist” and a genius and he hasn’t designed failsafes or managed to stap a man with no powers who isn’t moving quickly.  Wonderful writing.

Alright, so Nick Fury used to go adventuring alone all the time.  Obviously that means that the logical option for an armed man who has taken out Iron Man is  to send in the HEAD of SHIELD alone.  Clearly there is no other choice, it isn’t like she has a whole army already patrolling the streets to deal with this sort of thing.  Then we have the Q style load out, so we know just how she can enter an unlocked building and shoot some guy without being heard.  Apparently she isn’t even the most qualified to lead of the SHIELD staff, but she’s the first one to figure out that something bad is ahppening in Stark Tower that needs to be dealt with?  And she doesn’t delagate?    This is even dumber than the bomb stopper on the ANTI-MATTER bomb, that isn’t supposed to work, but somehow does.  At least with that part maybe there will be some explanation at some point.

So the end result is a story that doesn’t move anything forward, beyond allowing a character to spout DEEP anger about the civil war, which is certainly a ndw and interesting concept that hasn’t been done to death at this point.   Coupled with that is two central characters acting absolutely retared and without any rational actions.  The only saving grace is the art, which happens to be gorgeous, but it has been great throughout most of the run, so it isn’t anything particularly suprising.  All in all this issue felt like a huge waste of time, and made absolutely no sense in any context.



2 Comments on “Why New Avengers #25 is a bad comic”

  1. I agree with your points stated above

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