I can order beer in thirty languages (Comics Reviews: 11/15)

Ok. I was wrong. Everything worked out and was able to read all my books this week.

So let’s get onto it!


52 #28 – Vic Sage Death Watch Week 2 – I don’t exactly get how the time-line of Batwoman’s fight in this issue matches up with the SAME fight last issue, but thinking about such things makes my brain hurt. I’m also not entirely sure what the point of the whole Red Tornado plot is but we’re only more then half way through this series. Who would expect it all to start making sense? But all in all, the space plot was back this week, so I can’t complain too much. Please, please, please let there be no Black Adam next week. RATING: MEH

Iron Man #13 – Well, first off, this was the best issue of the Knaufs/Zircher run so far. That is of course, damning this issue with very, very faint praise. Let’s start off with what was good… Zircher’s art was much better than the last few issues, perhaps it’s Scott Hanna’s inks. The Zircher’s get super awesome points for using Happy Hogan and Pepper Pots, who I am huge fans of. BUT if they kill off poor Hap they will unless the utter worst in my fanboy soul. (Uninteresting, personal side note: my one and only fan letter, written around age 13 or14, to a comic book company was to Iron Man during the Busiek era, complaining about how Pepper and Happy were divorced) I mean, Happy narrowly dodged the bullet in Civil War when Millar decided to killing a bunch of kids would have a great emotional impact than killing off an Iron Man supporting character… so it would suck if he was to bite it now. On to what was bad in this issue… Ellis’ supporting cast continues to be written completely out of character. Why they heck did they bring back that woman who started the whole mess that got Tony his new Matrix-ish powers? And seriously, the Muslim Peace Activist is secretly a villain. WOW. Just WOW. RATING: TERRIBLE

New Avengers #25 – This issue represents EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH BENDIS’ RUN ON AVENGERS! The hero gets knocked out in the first few pages, lays around being lectured by the villain, and then is saved, yet neither the hero nor his savior actually accomplish anything much less defeat the villain. Ugh, horrible. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Astonishing X-Men #18 – I like how Whedon is working within the post-Morrison status quo much more then one was originally made to think at the beginning of this arc. The twists in this issue are vintage Whedon. Oh and Cassady is just amazing. This is mouth wash for all the Civil War garbage I read today. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Hellblazer #226 – I think this book is getting bogged down in it’s own pseudo mystical crap, a danger that any Hellblazer arc/writer must avoid at all costs. Disappointing but still enjoyable. Hopefully Mina will regain her footing next issue. RATING: GOOD

Ultimate Fantastic Four #36 – And… Carey has lost me. I am completely not invested in this arc. Space Eternals is just boring the hell out of me. I’ll give him one more issue then come back for the next arc. Disappointing. RATING: MEH

Birds of Prey #100 – I’ve always been half-heartily following Gail Simone’s run on this book and enjoying but with this issue she’s made me an utterly devoted fan for the rest of her run. Big Barda and Manhunter! In a monthly comic book!! It’s like she reached into my brain and pulled out my top two picks to join the cast. The dialogue between Oracle and Zarda as Babs choose the team was wonderful too. Some movement towards a reunion between Dinah and Ollie, in this month’s back-up, is just icing on the cake. Wonderful, wonderful issue. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC


Robin #156 – A very special issue of Robin. While the preaching annoyed me a bit, what I am enjoying most about this book is just how gosh darn nice the Bat-family is. This book is the antidote to all the annoying Bat-dickery of the last decade. A solid issue but hopefully less ‘Saturday Morning Special’ and more action next time. RATING: GOOD

Supergirl #11 – Is Joe Kelly making fun of Judd Winick’s Outsiders in this issue? Hmm. I’ll let you decide! This issue was enjoyable for the small, funny bits (see: Kara’s notebook). But gross for the weird bits (see: the whole Capt. Boomerang bit). Oh and Bentiez art was just awful. I think Carey has a PLAN for this book, so I’ll stick around for a bit. Still 100x time better than Loeb. RATING: BAD

Ms. Marvel #9 – I read this for the beautiful Mike Wieringo art. So, so, so lovely. The story was mostly crap but THE PRETTY PICTURES. I know, I know, bad Smith Michaels. Generally: RATING:BAD. For the art alone: RATING: FANTASTIC
White Tiger #1 – For first time comics writers Pierce and Liebe did a solid job setting this book up. Nothing spectacular but I’m looking forward to giving this book a closer look next month. A good first step. Plus: Black Widow. She’s always a treat. RATING: GOOD

Argh. That’s all for this week, I do believe. Man, Civil War is just wrecking havoc on the Marvel Universe isn’t it?

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