Get out of my head!

Devon sums up my thoughts on the post-IC DCU world better then I ever could.

But I must disagree with him concerning the quality of ‘OYL’ Green Arrow. That book is, for lack of a better term, ‘utter shit’. It’s arguably the worst book DC is publishing today. Winick’s ‘OYL’ pitch of ‘Ollie as mayor’ was great but he has proceeded over the last eight (or so) issues to completely waste it. His first ‘OYL’ story was yet another Deathstroke story, and his current one covers material that really is better left for 52.

(In fact Winick’s arc doesn’t really click well with 52 continuity… Ollie is well into running for mayor after only 24 weeks into the ‘missing year’… how long, exactly, did it take for him to heal from nigh-mortal wounds and become such a bad-ass he could kick Deathstroke’s ass?)

Winick has barely touched on what it would be like to have a superhero as mayor, except in ways that make Ollie look near perfect and unimpeachable. How would an interesting character like Ollie handle running a modern metropolitan city? Winick hasn’t really touched on this. Unless you count that stupid wall.

Winick had a chance to give us the DCU version of Ex Machina, instead we get Green Arrow versus a poorly conceived Katrina metaphor. A waste.

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