Digest O’ Crap…

Over the last few weeks my life has been dominated by need to pretend to understand the thought of Jonathan Edwards (No! Not that guy, THIS GUY) for school, so all of those promised reviews (Absolute Sandman, Superman: Confidential, etc.) have been less then forthcoming. Plus there were  other posts that I wanted to do… but couldn’t find the time or energy to do.


That’s all over for now (though another batch o’ school work is coming down the pike) so I thought I’d take all of that opinionated goodness missing over the last month and download it directly into your brain  via the internets. Or something.

Below are a series of random thoughts in no particular order:

  • It was nice on Tuesday to experience winning a major election. 80% of the candidates endorsed by Blurred Productions won! Clearly, we were the deciding force in 2006. You hear that pundits?
  • I enjoyed the new Star Wars novel (Bloodlines), in the sense that the author did an excellent job working under the editorial mandate she was given; to not move the overall plot forward one fucking inch.
  • I enjoyed the Heroes Reborn: Iron Man tpb, in the sense that I enjoy shoving an ice pick in between my eyes.
  • My favorite part of playing Final Fantasy XII is how you (the player) don’t even have to fight in that game, if you don’t want to. You just kind of point your party at a bad guy and they fight for you. It makes leveling up SO MUCH EASIER!
  • Was I the only person a bit disturbed by the coyly revealed (in 101 Nights of Snowfall) fact that Snow White was raped by the Seven Dwarfs?
  • Until I reread Secret War (in trade paperback) this week, I hadn’t really noticed that Angelina Jolie was a character in the Marvel Universe. Does she get royalties?
  • I was disappointed by Superman: Confidential. Cooke’s story was not at all interesting (and I think narrated by a piece of rock) and Sale’s art was rushed and not nearly was warm and polished as I expect from him. Perhaps he is too busy saving the cheerleader to save the world. Or some such.
  • (Old) David Cross: GIT-R-DONE! When is he going to produce another album?
  • The thing I enjoyed most about Absolute Sandman was the original sketches of Morpheus by Neil Gaiman. Hilarious. Also: the beautiful digital coloring.

I think that’s enough for now.


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