Ours is a love story, remember? (Comics Reviews: 11/8)

Lots of books to cover, not much time.


52 #27 – I’m going to keep it brief to control my fanboy over-reaction. Still… Dear Editors, PLEASE don’t let Rucka turn Renee into the Question. PLEASE! Did we really need to watch the death scene from Identity Crisis #1 again? Why can’t we all just move on? And hell, whatever happened to Animal Man?

Bullet Points #1 – Terrible, from the first page to last. The tone on this book varies between utter pretentiousness (This is a bullet. This is what it does.) to the worst sort of pseudo-fan-fiction ideamongering (Cap is Iron Man! Spidey is the Hulk!). *yawn* JMS’s writing has over the last three or four years really taken a turn for the worst. Everything he touches just turns to shit. Marvel could have just as easily gotten this pitch for somebody who has a thing for alt-history and watches the History Channel too much. Horrible. BUT John Lee Edwards does draw up a storm. His art is beautiful. That does not save this book. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Batman #658 – This issue was surprisingly disappointing. I’ve been digging Morrison’s run on this book so far but this issue was just terribly off. The art was rushed (did anybody else notice Bat Jr.’s costume change inexplicably?), Batman’s characterization seemed off, Talia’s plan was pointless, rushed, and stupid. There were some brilliant moments tucked inside this book (You have a rocket. I have a lot of stuff nobody knows about) but they just couldn’t prop this book up off it’s shaky foundations. A bid disappointment. RATING: MEH

Doctor Strange: The Oath #2 – Two issues in and Vaughan is keeping the quality high. The characterization of Doc used in this book by Vaughan is excellent and hopefully will be used as a good starting point for all modern uses of the character (Are you listening Bendis?). Martin’s art continues to impress. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Phonogram #3 – Kieron Gillien will be writing Hellblazer in less then five years. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Fables #55 – Wow. Another great issue. I just loved the Fabletown war from Pinocolo’s perspective. Another great idea from Willlingham on this book. I thought the Boy Blue/Rose bit was very cute, and should prove interesting down the road. I’ve been loving the backups over the last few issues, and is one is no exception. (Blind mice on jihad!) Great from cover to cover! (Minus the terribly placed ads) RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Star Wars: Dark Times #1 – A buy the book Star Wars comic. Enjoyable but utterly forgettable. If Star Wars crap is you thing (like it is mine) you’ll love it. RATING: GOOD

Tales of the Unexpected #2 – I have no interest in the Spectre story but I LOVED the Dr. 13 backup. A great, great take on the character by Azzarello. Hilarious. RATING: FANTASTIC

Eternals #5 – I have been carefully reading every issue of this series very carefully and I can not tell what the fuck is going on. Yet for some reason I’m enjoying the hell out of this book. Certianly not Gaiman’s finest hour by with Romita Jr.’s wonderful art it’s been a great read none the less. Still, I just wish I knew what the fuck is going on with the plot. RATING: GOOD


Superman #657 – Superdays of the Future Past. I’m not a big fan of post-apocalyptic futures so… this issue (while well executed) fell flat for me. Still, it’s well written and amazingly drawn… so well it’s… RATING: GOOD

Teen Titans #40 – Daniel’s art was particularly lush this issue. Very impressive. Johns get’s NO credit for being so fucking obvious with who the Titans’ traitor is. And really was anybody demanding the (naked) return of Jericho besides Geoff Johns?

Green Lantern #14 – Since when was the Crimson Fox evil and alive? Huh? More Starman ret-conning. Tsk. RATING: BAD

Ultimate X-Men #76 – Did the world need Ultimate X-Force? RATING: MEH

That’s all I do believe. I just realized I forgot to review Superman: Confidential last week. I’ll get to that tomorrow. I promise.


2 Comments on “Ours is a love story, remember? (Comics Reviews: 11/8)”

  1. psycholarry says:

    So does your dislike of post-apocalyptic futures include morrison’s “Here comes Tomorrow”?

  2. that certainly was one of the weakest arc in his x-men run. my feelings are generally the same towards it as towards that superman issue.

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