I don’t care who gets elected, ’till I find me one to love…

Tomorrow, as virtually any American should know by now, is ELECTION DAY. Or YOU DECIDE 2006. Or the day where the attack ads died.

This election year is a crucial one, it will set the stage of the Presidential election in 2008 and effect America’s choices in Iraq for years to come. SO, even if you don’t agree with me politically, you should still vote. If sure you can think of a cliche as to why.

Honestly, I have minimal respect for people who chose not to vote. It’s really a painfully easy thing to do. You stand in line for a why, press a few buttons… and BOOM! Democracy!

Now, if you do agree with me politically (a liberal Democrats) here’s who you should vote for in the tri-state area around Blurred Productions Central.


US Senate:
Jim Webb

US House of Representatives:
Andrew Hurst

Vote NO on the Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment


Governor/Lt. Governor:
Martin O’Malley/Anthony Brown

US Senate:
Benjamin L. Cardin

US House of Representatives:
Andrew Duck

West Virginia:

US Senate:
Sen. Robert C. Byrd

US House of Representatives:
Mike Callaghan

WV House of Delegates:
John Doyle

WV Senate:
John Unger

Hopefully Everything will go our way this year!


4 Comments on “I don’t care who gets elected, ’till I find me one to love…”

  1. psycholarry says:

    Virginia has disappointed me deeply, but at least the rest of the country did their parts.

  2. psycholarry says:

    Or not! Now for recounts!

  3. it looks like webb’s won!

  4. psycholarry says:

    it also looks like gays and weed lost (lost will be on tonight at 9 on abc!)

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