Echo the Dolphin!

This is somewhat old (two days is a lifetime in the internets) but still awesome.

Toe Jam & Earl! Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine! Dungeon Explorer! (Ok, I have no idea what that game is).

The Wii retro-launch titles look pretty sweet. But come on, who wants to play the SNES version of Sim City?


3 Comments on “Echo the Dolphin!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    It’s great that we have this new technology that lets us pay $20 for 15 year old games I could download for free.

  2. Download for free illegally, which clearly makes you EVIL. In the sense that you hate America. How else are game designers and game company executives supposed to feed their familes if the can’t see you their games at mark up? Are you trying to starve poor, innocent children? What did Sid Meier’s kids ever do to you?

  3. katie says:

    i just want to play on echo the dolphin again. is that so much to ask?

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