Xavier hates the dentist! (Comics Reviews: 11/1)

Great week for comics this time out, so let’s get to it!


52 #26 – For halfway through the series I found this issue fairly disappointing. I was expecting an event that would make me rethink the past issues and go “Well… isn’t that interesting?”. Instead we get Rucka rehashing the plot from his Batman/Huntress mini-series, the DC’s pundit version of Civil War, a tired ‘scientists never see girls’ bit (doesn’t this issue show that Sivana was married?), and Kid Black Marvelman meets the lizard. Nothing particular interesting for me this issue. I’m afraid that the Magnus plot is losing its steam. RATING: BAD

Justice League of America #3 – I have to admit, Meltzer is getting better. The first issue was terrible, the second boring, and this one manages to improve just a bit on that. The central fight scene with Red Tornado clones was actually very entertaining and well staged, and infinite improvement over the lone fight in Identity Crisis. It’s nice to see Meltzer improving as a storyteller. Yet this issue is still PLAGUED with all the usual problems of Meltzer and Benes’ run so far; enough captions to put Bendis to shame, Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman sitting around around a table playing Heroclix, and Benes’ art still crap. But things are picking up, maybe Meltzer will start weak and finish strong, a reverse on Identity Crisis. Awesome points are awarded to Meltzer, though, for use of the Phantom Stranger. RATING: BAD

Detective Comics #825 – Holy Fill-In Issue Batman! McGraw does a good job mimicking Dini’s style on this book. The artist, Marz, is an improvement over the last few on this book. RATING: GOOD

Ex Machina #24 – WOW. Lot’s of twists this issue. Vaughan seems to be gaining some more momentum on this book again, which is great. Harris’ tweaked art style continues to impress. Easily one of the best books on the stands. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Local #7 – Wow. This is one great book. I find it much easier to heap scorn or ambivalence on a comic rather than praise… does that make me a bad person? Personal issues aside, Wood and Kelly are just on a roll with this title. There hasn’t been an issue that hasn’t blown me away, This issue does a great job of getting in Nicky’s head. Great work. Can’t wait for the next issue. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Seven Soldiers of Victory #1 – Wow, this one qualitygasm of a comic book. Morrison and J.H Williams III absolutely blew me away, and, fuck, I didn’t understand half of what was happening. I’m sure it’s going to take fifty different reads of this issue to figure out what the fuck was going on, and I love Morrison for it. What I especially noticed was Williams’ spot on ability to mimic the styles of the each characters’ series art while still making the entire issue come together visually. Stunning. More thoughts later. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC


Beyond #5 – Read this issue last week when it was a super special comic store preview thing. McDuffie and Kolins continue to entertain. Hank Pym is a dick, even when written sympathetically. Wow. RATING: GOOD

Nightwing #126 – It was nice that Dick didn’t lose a fight in this issue (I think). Marv Wolfman is still very much Marv Wolfman on this book, take it or leave it. I think the ‘AT LEAST IT’S NOT BRUCE JONES’ effect is wearing off. RATING: MEH

Star Wars: Legacy #5 – I’ve read every issue of this book and I wasn’t quite sure what the fuck was going on. Still enjoyable, if a bit predictable. RATING: GOOD

Uncanny X-Men #480 – Huh. I didn’t know that the Shi’ar Imperial Guard were the Legion of Superheroes. RATING: MEH

That’s all for this week except I’m giving Superman: Confidential #1 it’s own ‘solo’ review. Expect it soon.

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