Pure Poetry

Just felt I should share this with everyone


I won’t be back until late (Comics Reviews: 11/29)

Smallish week. Let’s get to it.

And hey look! I didn’t speed read any books this week!

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Apologies (again)

Apoligies again for the intermission of new content over the last week. I was far from Blurred Productions Central for the holiday and did not have time to sit down and write a post, much less read comics to review. Due to that you’ll be getting an omni-bus review post next week containing this week’s comics and last week’s.

Also: I’m in crunch time with school for the next few weeks, so I don’t know how much new content (besides comics reviews) I’ll be able to get up here. Apologies in advance.

Anyway, that is all. Move along. Watch this:

The Wii is very awesome.

Why New Avengers #25 is a bad comic

I’m not going to get into the problems with Civil War here, but I felt this needed discussion.  Spoiler alert in case that matters.

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A must read…

Kalinara’s post on the issue of “Are comics for kids?” is a real must read. I think she really hits this oft-debeated issue square on the head. In fact I was thinking of doing a post on this issue myself, but she abling did one for me.

Go. Read.  I might have more to add later.

Returning to hell…

My utter love for Martza Campos’ College Roomies From Hell!!! collapsed a few years ago (was it really that long ago? Wow.) after the never ending storyline of doom she had embarked on. I still check in on whats going on in CRFH!!! every once in awhile, I mean the comic did dominate my on-line reading habits for over three and a half years. It’s hard to completely give up a habit that far entrenched.

With my latest  check up on where the comic had gone in my absence left me mightily impressed. Campos’ art, which had taken a bit of a slip in quality when I quit, is stronger then ever. The writing had gotten back on track as well. The strength of CRFH!!!, strong characterizations mixed with weirdness, is back to the forefront. Plus Campos’ has taken the characters to places, where as a fan, I’d always wanted to see them go.

This may be enough to drag me back into regular readership. We’ll have to see.

My epoch can kick you epoch’s ass!

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