Why the Trials of Shazam (#3) is a bad comic…

This review is going to be a bit shorter than the last two, since while this book is just AWFUL, it’s hard to keep the bile up after three months. Winick’s terrible new direction for Captain Marvel is no longer infuriating, it’s more pathetic.

What continues to amaze me is that Judd Winick’s fresh new direction for Shazam and magic in the DC Universe was fresh… in early ninitys Vertigo. An evil council of seeks to control magic!!! Magic has role/gender reversals (Solomon is a girl!). Is self cannibalisation a sign of freshness? It’s all very predictable; ideas that staff writers on the X-Files where pitching 10 years ago.

I believe the creature in beginning is the second (or third??) Cthulhu monster that a Shazam character has fought. I for one am sick of it. These sort of monsters are far too common in mystical comics these days (another sign of the FRESH NEW DIRECTION of Shazam). I’d be nice if writers (not just Winick) would come up with something new.

And look, we get to meet Freddie’s new nemesis this issue. Oh and how intimating she is dressed in white jeans and a cut off t-shirt. Those mystical villians really know where style is these days (In-Style Magazine Villian Edition?). To be fair, it does look like she gets a red Punisher skull on her shirt on next months cover. That certainly spices things up.

My point is that I’m just sick of the post-Matrix superhero world where a good costume consists of just street clothing. The leather look worked for Morrison’s New X-Men but now it’s just tired. (More freshness from Winick)

Howard Porter’s new art style (which I found interesting in the first issue) just keeps getting worse and worse. He manages in this issue to make someone combusting to death look boring.

That tattoo Freddie gets looks like Porter swiped it straight from a crappy Michael Turner book.
What really stuns me in this issue is that Winick didn’t need to darken up Freddie’s origin. It was already fucked up.

This book continues to slide down hill month in and month out. What horrors await us next month? RATING: UTTER SHIT

3 Comments on “Why the Trials of Shazam (#3) is a bad comic…”

  1. psycholarry says:

    So elvis was a Captain Marvel Jr. fan? That’s pretty hardcore

  2. Mark Lambert says:

    I’m commenting on the first three issues as a whole:
    Okay, as much as I hate the idiotic, stupid, retarded, moronic concept that Captain Marvel now becomes the wizard and Freddy becomes “Shazam” just so DC can have a character with the same name as the comic, and as much as I hate the idea that they are ruining a classic character that they need to focus on instead of discard, the writing in this comic is pure, utter, crap. Completely obvious, predictable, lame dialogue: “I need to grow up.” “You will be called ‘Shazam.'” They’ve combined one of the worst ideas in the history of comics (Hey, why don’t you change Superman, too, and have someone else with a different name take over for him?), with really bad writing, and yet I still bought the issues, because it’s about CAPTAIN MARVEL. Or, at least it was at first. I can’t stand it anymore, and won’t buy another issue. I don’t want DC to think this mentally ill concept wrapped in the words of a horrid writer are worth pursuing. Drop the idea, DC. It’s crap.

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