I hadn’t quite realized you were taking them to kill your creativity… (Comics Reviews: 10/25)

Lots of books this week to review so I’m going to get to it right away. Sadly though, the store did NOT get Seven Soldiers #1 this week.  Disappointing, I know.


52 #25 – This was a pretty balanced issue. We get lots more (uninteresting) movement on the Black Adam story-arc, a sprinkle of Infinity Inc. bashing stuff,  Elongated Man follows Swamp Thing’s path through hell (different guide, same tour), some Alan Scott continuity set-up, a bit more Magnus plot movement thrown in as spice…. and then there’s the big reveal (EGG FU??!?!). I definitely enjoyed this issue a bit more than the last. The artist were all on their B+ game this week, and Jimenez is back for a few pages this week (two weeks in a row!). Next week marks the half-way point in this little experiment. I wonder what sort of EVERYTHING IS NOW DIFFERENT twist Morrison/Waid/Rucka/Johns have waiting for us? RATING: GOOD

Civil War: Choosing Sides (Special) – Don’t you love it when comic companies ask you to pay for them to advertise to you? This Sorry-That-Civil-War-Is-Late fill-in book is very much “LOOK WHAT COOL SHIT WE HAVE COMING UP SOON!!!”. A bit like DC recent ‘Brave New World’ special (though DC only charged you a buck, not 4). The clear standout story was Brubaker, Fraction, and Aja’s Iron Fist piece. Aja’s art is absolutely stunning and Brubaker and Fraction have a solid grasp on the character. I’m quite excited for their new series next year. The rest of the stories are much less stunning. The Howard the Duck story is fun. The Venom Thunderbolts tie-in was… meh, Yu’s art was too rushed. The US Agent story gave away, I think, a good deal of where the direction where the Marvel Universe is going in a few months. The Ant-Man short (heh heh) left me going “Huh?” just like the ongoing book. I’m not sure if the new Ant-Man is it’s good, bad, or stupid but Hester’s art sure is pretty. Overall, this book is worth the 3.99 (four bucks fore a bunch of previews… tsk) on the weight of the Iron Fist story alone. RATING: GOOD

Action Comics #844 – Well, huh. I’m not exactly sure where to go on this book. Johns and Donner’s new direction for Superman is well-executed and Kubert’s art is good, if a bit rushed and sketchy looking (especially on those Daily Planet scenes in the beginning). Yet, I’m not sure I like the implications of this.  I for one don’t like the only “Superman over Clark” angle they’re using with the character. To me, Clark Kent came first, then Superman. He’s Ma and Pa Kent’s adopted son even after he discovered his heritage. But that’s just my (post-Crisis, born & raised) fannish impulse. ANYWAY, I’m going to with hold a strong judgement for a few issues down the line. RATING: GOOD

Captain America #23 – Brubaker contines to surprise and make good use of Civil War setting. This book is worth picking up for the Doctor Doom/Red Skull stuff alone. Perkin’s art continues to wow me. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Daredevil #90 – Another great Brubaker book! The whole Brubaker/Lark/Gaudiano run on this title has been just working me over issue after issue. Great dark (yet still fun) superhero work. The tone is so well balanced you could teach a whole “Noir Superheroes Done Well in a Post-Frank Miller World” class on it. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Knights of the Old Republic #9 – Holy Continuity Batman! I am amazed at how well Miller is able  juggle all the Star Wars continuity here. He’s pulling in stuff from the old KOTR comic book series, the KOTR video games, and the stuff he himself introduced. Plus it all works well. With this issue all of the events of the last eight issues really clicked with me it. It all came together very well. I’m really looking forward to where they go from here. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ultimate Spider-Man #101 – …and Bendis is so close to losing control of everything. This story line is just sprialing further and further in to “WHAT THE FUCK?” land that I don’t think Bendis is going to be able to pull it all together in the end. He’s only got, what two issues tops to pull this all together? Yet there’s not sense of moving towards a conclusion and all. Bendis just keeps throwing plot twist after plot twist that you get the feeling he doesn’t even know what the fuck is going on. BUT, I still enjoyed this issue. Bagley’s art even after 100 issues is top notch. In two issues though, I get the feeling that the last few pages of this book will be looked at as the ones that broke the camel’s back.

Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane #11 – McKeever really knocked it out of the park on this one. McKeever’s got his melodramatic plot, characterization, tension skills running on over drive with each continuing issue of this book. Great stuff. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC


Superman/Batman Annual #1 – Writers should not be allowed to use Mxyzptlk as an excuse for their stories to NOT MAKE ANY SENSE anymore. Bad cop-out. Nope. It’s dead and gone. (and yes, I know this is a play off of an older World’s Finest story) RATING: UTTER SHIT

Uncanny X-Men #192 – Worth the price of admission of the Rouge stuff alone. Still don’t like Cable. RATING: GOOD

New Avengers #24 – Young(er) Smith Michaels used to really like the character of Crystal a lot  when he read Avengers in the early to mid-90s. But she’s been so, so very poorly used in the last decade or so that I’ve just started to ignore her most recent appearances. This is my way of saying that is book was terrible. And pretty pointless (it really only needed be six pages at most). Wasteful. RATING: UTTER SHIT

That’s all for this week I do believe, except for my Trials of Shazam review, which I’ll becoming soon (tomorrow me thinks).


3 Comments on “I hadn’t quite realized you were taking them to kill your creativity… (Comics Reviews: 10/25)”

  1. psycholarry says:

    Egg Fu! When I saw that theory at the beginning of 52 I was so hopeful that they’d go through with it! Also, last issue of planetary!

  2. i think ellis and cassady extended the run

  3. psycholarry says:

    From where did you get your information?

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