Saving the world, one soul at a time (Comics Revies: 10/18)

Busy, so let’s get to it.


52 #24 – Very disappointing issue. So they introduced Super-Chief just to kill him off two issues later? I wasn’t a fan of the character in the past or how they introduced him last time out, but I still found it to be a waste. The new ‘JLA’ was kind of interesting, it was nice to see the Bulleteer again and Ambush Bug was somewhat amusing… yet we know this group is out in order to bring in Meltzer’s gang. I thought they’d at least try to be a bit more clever with the whole “evil Skeets” angle. Overall, despite the impressive (and surprising) Jimenez art, I found this week’s issue to weak. RATING: BAD

WildCats #1 – I’m not sure what to say about this book. This is perhaps the third WildCats comic I’ve read in my entire life… so I was a bit lost. I didn’t know who the characters were, what the hell their histories were, or what the threats to Earth were. Despite that I enjoyed the book. Morrison’s script is interesting, if a bit too by the books for him. Hopefully he’ll take the “adult superheroes” in an interesting direction (not just regular superheroics with MORE BOOBS!) Jim Lee’s art was uneven, it look very rushed and unclear in some places and was brilliant in others (specially the designs for the space station). My overall impression was mixed, I think if I knew more WildCats history I’d have liked the book more. But Lee and Morrison have me a long for the ride, at least until the book becomes super late. RATING: GOOD

Hellblazer #225 – It was nice to see the character of Angie being put to good issue. I, saldy, found her to be too much of a cipher in Mike Carey’s otherwise excellent run. This was a very good issue, Mina and Manco continue to tell great Constantine stories. I’m greatly interested in seeing where it all ends up. RATING: FANTASTIC

Runaways #21 – Can not praise this book too much. Vaughan finished this story on an excellent note, with a couple of twists that should prove to be great fodder as he closes down his run on this book. Fill-in artist Norton’s work was solid and served the story well. Great book, all around. RATING: FUCKING FANTASTIC

Ultimate Fantastic Four #35 – I’ll admit it, Carey lost me with this issue. As interesting as his set-up is, I’m just not quite following along. It seems to me that there’s just something slight missing to make this story come together in my head, I’m not sure what it is. Ferry’s art on the other hand it great. I’ll give Carey another couple of issues to see if he can pull the story together for me. RATING: MEH


Wolverine #47 – Useless Comic Book Superhero Self-Importance Alert! The recap page of this issue contains a quote from Justice Brandeis. Tsk. I believe it is quantum mechanically impossible for a Wolverine story to say ANYTHING insightful or interesting about our justice system to make it worthy of quoting Brandeis. (This story absolutely doesn’t qualify But that’s just me. This book is a prime example of taking a fun concept (Damage Control) just far too fucking seriously. Argh. It’s just stupid. RATING: UTTER SHIT

Birds of Prey #99 – I absolutely loved all the stuff with the “Batgirl” in this book. There’s a very, very big “status quo” change that could break this book. I hope Simone can make it work. RATING: FANTASTIC

Flash #5 – Inertia? COME ON. That’s two for two for creating shit villains in this book. I hope to the god of all comics that the creative team is yanked off this book soon. Horrible, just horrible. RATING: UTTER SHIT

That’s all for this week, I do believe. I also picked up Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall. Review forthcoming.


4 Comments on “Saving the world, one soul at a time (Comics Revies: 10/18)”

  1. psycholarry says:

    So why are all of the old Giffen leaguers either dead, evil, or both?

  2. Didio clearly as it out for Giffen. Or at least that is what the internets tell me.

  3. psycholarry says:

    well, as we all know, the internets is a series of tubes, so it could be telling you that at great speeds

  4. i’ve always wondered if the internets works like those deposit tubes at drive-thru at the bank.

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