Uhhhh, you wanna…see my escape cocoon?

So, last night the second season of Venture Brothers came to it’s soul shattering conclusion. Some people died, things got smashed, and there were lots of Bond and Star Wars references. Plus Bowie kicked the shit out of Iggy Pop. It was a lovely way to wrap everything up for the year.
As for the season as whole, I loved it. I obsessively love the first season yet let found this one even better. The ‘Fallen Arches’,  ‘Victor. Echo. November.” and  ‘Hope Floats’ epsidoes marked the high water mark.

I was a bit sad that we never got much resolution to the whole “Triana’s friend wants to be a supervillian” angle. Maybe next time.
I can’t wait for season three (which will be at least two years off, I’d bet).

What did YOU think?


One Comment on “Uhhhh, you wanna…see my escape cocoon?”

  1. psycholarry says:

    Both parts of the finale were incredible. “What is that? Plastic Armor?” “Everything but the bow tie!”

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